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Make Your Own Shrink Rings

Itching to get your creative and crafty side going?

Here’s a project you can do with yourself or with friends, or even with you kids. These rings are called Shrink Rings which PlanetJune describes as thin, flexible pieces that were first marketed as toys. These have been crafted using shrink plastic and baked so that it becomes a lot more durable.

PlanetJune did her own version by putting decorations on her creations:

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DIY – How to Make a Shrink Plastic Ring!

Well, if you have lots of time to burn or simply feel creative enough, you can try making this shrink plastic ring.

Shrink plastic, for the uninitiated, was originally marketed as a toy for kids. It starts life thin and flexible. You draw on it and then bake it in the oven, and it shrinks to become about 1/3 of the starting size, but 9 times as thick. This thickness makes it strong and hard. It will not bend after baking, so if you try to pull your ring open, or stand on it, it may snap, but it is strong enough to withstand regular use as a

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