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Plastic Heart Ring

If you are feeling a bit like a scrooge and would like to forget about Valentine’s or mourn, express it with this black heart ring. This statement ring is made of black plastic and is about 17mm in size. Made of 100% Metal.

You can get this ring at

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Sprinkle Heart Ring

Here’s something even the little girls will love. This heart ring has something extra in it as it is filled with tons of actual sprinkles…the kind you put on ice cream as topping.

But you can’t eat this though, as the sprinkles are all covered in clear plastic heart. The splashes of color make it look so adorable, though .

You can get this playful ring at

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Black and White Hearts Ring!

Whether you are white, black, or asian, you will appreciate this Black and White Hearts Ring, which is composed of two hearts, one black and the other white of course.

This one of a kind ring features a large black plastic heart topped in the center with a pearly white plastic heart, on top of a silver-plated adjustable ring base. The perfect ring for a night out!

$8 via omglia

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