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Kage Jaded Ring

Because the jade stone is so big, you might not notice that this ring is actually a two-finger piece. I like the very current design. The ring comes with a gold wire wrapped band and the stone, with its organic shape, varies with each design.

You can get this from Shop Planet Blue.

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Lucifer Vir Honestus Emerald & Diamond Ring


The design of this ring is most definitely unusual and that’s where it appeal lies. The band is apparently organic shape, meaning, it hasn’t been reworked or touch to change it and is made from 18k rose gold. Emeralds and white diamonds and shine and accent to the whole piece. The ring has about 3/4″ width.

Via Barneys

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MATSU- Organic Diamond Band

MATSU- Organic Diamond Band.jpg

Ah, this ring reminds me of a ring I once considered a prized-posession back in junior high. (Which was in the 90’s – I’m not THAT old!) Anyway. The ring was three silver bands that were interlinked and you could spin or twirl. It matched everything, it made me feel cool, and it gave me something to do with my hands when I was nervous (which was all the time).

$1,515.00 – go shop online

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Cancun Resin Ring!

Here’s an awesome site that sells whole bunch of nifty, little resin-finished rings.  The one pictured above is called “Cancun” as sells for about $105.

Translucent blue with subtle ocean blue pearlescence shimmering throughout.

Designed with nature in mind, this ring reflects the best that an organic shape can offer. It’s beautiful lines flow and create a wonderful balanced form. This gorgeous ring exhibits grace and style.

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