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Safety Pin Ring by Vivienne Westwood Hardcore

There is still something glamorous and elegant about this ring, despite its hardcore rock-glam design by Vivenne Westwood. The ring has tiny loose diamonds on the safety pin and the band is made of silver.

Via Vivienne Westwood Hardcore


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7.17 Carat Loose Diamond for sale at $150,000!

For the ultimate loose diamond, you might want to consider spending $150,000 on this 7.17 Carat diamond.  Of course, this is probably out of the way for most of us but it’s a fun thing to consider when you can imagine how many diamond rings you could make out of this.

7.17 Radiant Loose Diamond F Color – Considered a “colorless” grade. A high-quality diamond. SI1 Slightly Included: Inclusions in an SI1 are visible under 10x magnification and may be visible with the unaided eye. A good diamond value.

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Diamond Bridal Ring Set

Here’s a pretty set of diamond bridal rings including the engagement ring and the wedding band.  I’d say this would be a good choice for most of you pay-by-the-month employees.  Priced at $3,450, you will have to spend a large portion of your income though.

Radiant 18Kt white gold diamond bridal ring set made up of a perfectly-matched engagement ring and wedding band, featuring a gorgeous combination of shimmering pave’ set round full cut diamonds and tapered baguette diamonds along the bands. Total weight of the tapered

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