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Blue Starfish 18K Gold Ring

A quick look will probably tell me this is like a kid’s ring as the bright blue starfish piece reminds me of cute kiddie accessories. This is however, made of genuine 18k gold and the starfish is made of blue vitreous paste. You will love the craftsmanship of it as well as the other smaller details, such as the shells and more starfish, done in 18k gold.

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Standing Bull Dog Ring


Unique design? Yes. Quirky? Yes. Adorable? Not really. I don’t find the details all too perfect. But I guess there’s beauty in its imperfection. The ring is made of 100% metal and is plated in black and gold with a few gem details. Its an ideal gift for people who love dogs. It’s also an ideal kid’s ring.

Via Topshop

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Child’s Diamond Accent Teddy Bear Dangle Ring in 10K White Gold


First impressions!: I bet any kid would love that dangling teddy bear feature – even if they aren’t a fan of teddy bears. Only the most spoiled kids will ask if they can exchange it for a ring with a dangling pony.

The ring is made of: 10k white gold, diamond accent

Available size(s): 4

Your desired details: Available online only. The teddy bear dangles gently and sways, it won’t rock all over the place and become a major distraction. Which is good. Otherwise this ring would be a failure.

Celebrity inspiration: Violet Affleck


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