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Valentine’s Day rings for her – Show your love with hearts and knots, even…an egg?

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Listen, I’ve just decided that I am all for people buying themselves jewelry on Valentine’s Day if they want to. I loved shopping on Max and Chloe for these looks… but I also have a target audience here. It’s for anyone trying to buy a significant other a Valentine’s Day ring that’s not for an engagement, but should still be nice. That’s why I went with Max and Chloe. Everything and anything you get from there will arrive nicely, and it’s a good store where you can’t go wrong because their buyers are just so damn smart about what they ch

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Cheap Valentine Day Rings you’ll actually love!


How do we love rings? Oh, let us count the ways…. Hey, and what about affordable options? Now, we REALLY love those. Which brings us to today’s topic. Starting at just $10.00 we’ve got options for cheap Valentine Day rings you’ll adore whether it’s a gift to a best friend or just to yourself. Shhh, we won’t tell! We’ve got your standard heart rings for you, but they’re amped up in size and how they’re delivered. There’s also roses, kitty cats, and … is that a sloth? (Somebody better tell Kristen Bell right away!) So, take a l

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Cool Etsy Rings from Metal Couture Jewelry (Designer Spotlight)

dagger ring

These are all rings from Metal Couture Jewelry by Willliam Llewellyn Griffiths. The designer lives in Australia. The shop is on Etsy, and it’s got a lot of unique pieces. We’ve selected a few to show you.

The son of an artist and an inventor, William Llewellyn Griffiths is a self taught manipulator of precious metals. … Specialising in creating one off commissions for films and high profile clients, his distinct signature has also led to collaborations with design

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Jewelry Blog – Diamond Heart Rings

diamond heart rings

The first diamond heart ring here is actually meant to be an engagement ring. It’s so sweet and captivating that it swept me off my feet, and no one was even proposing to me! (Wait, that sounds kind of sad! I’m not sad! I’m looking at pretty diamond heart rings, man!)

14K Gold Round & Princess Cut Diamond Heart Ring .56ct from It’s Hot, CLICK

Key to my heart pink sapphire & diamond engagement ring from the Etsy shop

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5 Great Heart Rings Under $100

heart rings

Forget the sleeve, wear your heart on your finger! And mix it up with different variations of a heart, from sparkly to a bright neon color. When heart rings are under 100 dollars, you can collect one for every mood and emotion you have. (And we know that can be a lot, you’re a complex person!)

Below are five selections for heart rings that are all under $100. We’ve got designer names like Adia Kibur and Rachel Roy in the mix.

Heart Rings Under $100 Nolan Swarovski Heart Ring from Max and Chloe,

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5 Top Unique Heart Rings for Sale

unique heart rings

Who doesn’t luuuv love?! And what’s the symbol that makes people think of love automatically? A heart. And heart rings are just fine and dandy, but sometimes it can be boring to keep seeing the same design over and over. So we went on a hunt for unique heart rings, that were something more than just a pretty heart. These are our (extraordinary, tiny, super large, and crazy cool) finds!

Unique Heart Rings

Big Heart ring handmade from Etsy on the Ashley Spatula shop,

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5 Casual Rings for Daytime Style Looks

casual rings

If you’re a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills you pretty much wear crazy extravagant diamond rings all the time. But for most of us, a casual ring for daytime or the weekend means it’s simple, inexpensive, and will match whatever you’re wearing. Additionally, it doesn’t steal too much attention from a look, so you don’t have to compete with it. Look for simple sterling silver or gold rings. A great detail can include a matte finish or a hammered finish.

Casual Rings

Page Sargisson Classic Circle Ring 10k Yellow Gold From Max and Chloe,

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Diamond Chip Rings Give you the Right Amount of Dazzle

diamond chip rings

You know how they say you can’t stop at just one chip? It’s true. Especially when it comes to diamond chips. Once you see the power (and low price) that a sparkling diamond chip gives to a ring, you’ll want to buy them all.

The rings below have 2 for females, 1 for men, and one that seems fairly unisex (the cross.) They’re all pretty chunky, large rings. If I had to pick a favorite I’d probably settle on the star ring. What about you?

Diamond Chip Rings

Sterling Silver Diamond Chip-accented Star Ring from Amazon,

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5 Sparkling Ruby Rings

sparkling ruby rings

In all of us is a little girl who wants a pair of sparkling ruby red slippers. But, actual shoes of sparkling red can be a little much for the average gal about town. So, why not a sparkling ruby ring, instead?

Sparkling Ruby Rings

clockwise from top right

1 1/10 Carat Created Ruby & Diamond Sterling Silver Heart Ring – Rings Under 100 – Heart Rings – This fantastic heart ring features a 1 carat ruby and 1/10 carat single cut white diamonds for extra shine. It’s the epitome of a romantic ring and is perfect for Valentine’s Day or other

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5 Drop Dead Gorgeous Ruby Heart Rings

ruby heart rings

With red being the color of romance and passion, it just makes sense that a July birthday baby* would want a ruby heart ring. Below are five ruby heart rings for sale right now. Several incorporate diamonds as an accent, but one more modern ring actually has the ruby as the accent (it’s my favorite.)

When a ruby heart is outlined by diamonds or other gemstones, it helps solidify the shape. Often, I find that heart-shaped gemstones aren’t entirely easy to make out for the shape that they are. That’s what embellishments are helpful, while also adding to the style of a

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