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Endless Love Ring says “I love you Forever”!

You can now buy endless love for $148 as this Endless Love Ring says, “I love you Forever” and will capture your lover’s heart in a heartbeat!

The garnet stone belongs to one of the most exciting families in the gem world. It is the birthstone for January. A hard, durable, often very brilliant stone, available in many colors (greens, reds, yellows, and oranges); it offers far greater versatility and opportunity for the jewelry trade than has yet been capitalized upon. Depending upon the variety, quality, and size, lovely g

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Deep Red Garnet Ring!

Here’s another beautiful Deep Red Garnet Ring you will enjoy with any of your red outfits and also complement your January birthday.

Garnet is January’s birthstone. A hard, durable, often very brilliant stone, it’s available in many colors other than the classic deep red, including green, yellow, orange, pink and violet. Garnet occurs in certain shades of red that have been taken for some varieties of ruby. In yellow, it has been confused with precious topaz. In fact, garnets can be found in almost every color and shade ex

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