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Hareem Whip Ring

Quite a different and very unique old rose ring, designed with 18carat gold plating. The ring has a mirror finish, one that makes it really sleek and smooth. It also has a diamond cut multichain tassel, which brings major style into the whole design.

You can get this ring from Agent Provocateur.

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Quail Egg Necklace!

Here’s a fun Quail Egg Necklace, it actually encases a 23K gold leaf, emmiting nice gold glow.

Lined with 23k Gold Leaf, this necklace casts a warm glow from within.

The pendant hangs from an 18 inch 14 carat gold chain. Made from actual Japanese Quail eggs, they vary slightly in color and size – approximately 1 inch.

The entire shell has been coated in plastic for strength.


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Daisy Rings

Do you like daisy?  Here’s daisy rings that can help your obsession with the flower.

“The daisy is a common flower. It is abundantly growing in meadows and parks, almost all year round. Yet it is often overlooked. It is fragile, with its tiny yellow heart surrounded by a halo of delicate white leaves. By simply knotting its stem, it can be worn as a ring. By casting this neglected wild growing flower in silver and gold, I lift it out of its anonymity and give it eternal life. This forces the focus of attention on its beautiful

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