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Ant Bracelet!

Normally we don’t cover bracelets on the ring blog but here’s a funky Ant Bracelet with REAL specimens of ants embedded in it.

$100 via bedebug

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Resin Ring DIY – How to Polish your Resin Ring!

If you own resin rings, you are likely to encounter scratches and whatnot but TwoCraftyMules blog has a great tutorial on how to re-finish your resin rings so they become shiny again.

In a small container, mix up a batch of resin according to the manufacturer’s directions. With a flux brush or other disposable brush, lightly brush a coat of resin over the top and sides of the resin pieces. Use a light hand when doing this; only a light coat is needed to get the glossy shine. Any excess resin will form a pool around the completed piece

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