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Binary Cufflinks!

As someone who went through public university education in America learning 0s and 1s to get a BS degree in Computer Engineering, I can appreciate binary numbers as anything you do on the computer can be translated into 0s and 1s.

Of course, if you are geeky like me, you will have to show off your 1s and 0s by getting one of these binary cufflinks.

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Ring Design – Encoder Rings saves messages in Binary!

Check out this concept Encoder Ring, where binary numbers (0s and 1s) are used to store up to 66 characters.

It’s a cool concept, now I wish they made Encoder Rings in titanium or at least sterling silver.

Encoder Rings began as an investigation in how to store precious or personal digital information. The result is

a series of rings that are decorated with tiny blobs and holes, that actually represent letters in binary code; the

code used as the basis for digital information. The user would choose a secret messag

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