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The Best Handmade Initial Rings Discovered on Etsy

Initial Letter E Antique Typewriter Oak Leaf Ring - Black or White Keys - Fully Adjustable

Yesterday I posted some selections of initial rings that I found on the web. But honestly, I wasn’t entirely pleased with the results. So I decided that to get better possibilities I would look to one of my favorite websites . It’s the destination for quality handmade products: Etsy.com!

My first find was  rings that made creative use from typewriter keys (circa the 30’s and 40’s). Right after that I found an amazing custom ring that had engraved charms attached to it. And after that, well – take a look

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The Most Popular Jewelry from Sex and the City

Charlotte’s Engagement Ring.jpg

Charlotte’s Engagement Ring

Charlotte’s second engagement ring was a 5 carat diamond ring cut in an emerald shape. It was modeled after the ring given to Elizabeth Taylor but Richard Burton.

Carrie’s Pretzel Necklace

Who knew women wanted to wear snacks? Turns out, we do! We really, really do. Carrie Bradshaw’s pretzel necklace made people go crazy with

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Is Christie Brinkley’s Jewelry Line Fashionable?


It seems that former model Christie Brinkley now designs jewelry. But among the other lines of celebrity jewelry, what makes hers the best? Well, that’s what I aim to find out as I peruse her website for the first time. Since her modeling days, she’s become very ambitious. Her list of achievements include designing clothing patterns, writing and illustrating her own book (Christie Brinkley’s Outdoor Beauty and Fitness Book

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Memoire Four Row Rolling Eternity Ring


Eternity ring from Memoire. For more than 20 years, Mémoire has been manufacturing high-quality diamond jewelry in the United States. Taking the meaning of the word “mémoire”-or memory-to heart, each piece is built to last.

This is an 18 karat white gold setting with four rows of diamonds.

$10,200.00 via

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Stephen Webster Rapture Silver Ring

Stephen Webster Rapture Silver Ring.jpg

Show your tough side with this cool rapture silver ring. It’s made with blackened rhodium thorns, encrusted with white diamond pavé, embellish the woven bands of this polished silver design.

$475.00 via

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Patek Philippe Sky Moon Watch


The Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon watch is available for a limited time at SoKoBe.com. Patek Philippe is known for its luxury watches. This Patek Philippe watch is so advanced that only two are created each year.


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Own Katy Perry’s Ring


The most joyful and vibrant rings I’ve ever come across are those made by designer Tarina Tarantino. I urge you to buy something now if you see something you like. One time I was obsessing over a necklace on her website, and by the time I finally decided to buy it – it was sold out. Procrastinator is apparently not a helpful tool in life. But I’ve learned my lesson. This time, I just need to figure out which of her rings I’d most like to wear. You guys are more than welcome to help me decide.

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Five Hot Picks for Summer Toe Rings


With summer in full swing, hardly a day goes by when I’m not wearing sandals (if I’m wearing footwear at all!). And while it’s true that there are lots of flip flops and sandals decorated with rhinestones and beads, sometimes you prefer having a simple, elegant sandal. But does that mean forgoing all bling? Certainly not. The uh…bling police wouldn’t stand for it! Well, I won’t stand for it anyway. So sit down, get a pedicure, and pick out a pretty toe ring. I’ve selected a few for you.

The Toe Ring for the Sophisticated Girl:

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Lois Hill Granulated Swirls Cuff Ring

Lois Hill Granulated Swirls Cuff Ring.jpg

This chunky ring has a gorgeous design of granulated sterling silver spheres that have been arranged in beautifully swirled designs against dark, sunken areas of the ring. This sterling silver piece features hammered borders along the top and bottom of this cuff ring, which measures 5/8 inch wide on your finger. Available in sizes 7 and 8.


via Source

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The July Birthstone is Ruby: Let’s Look at Some Ruby Rings Cancer Signs like Anna Paquin, Liv Tyler and Jessica Simpson Might Like


With this ring, a blood red ruby stone is wrapped with gold wire. Forget the factory-made look, homespun works in your favor here.(Desired Details: Ruby Ring)

From designer Gara Danielle, there is this Ruby Chalcedony ring. (Desired Details: Ruby Ring)

Four ruby stones make up this darling butterfly ring. I have a feeling this is the ring Jessica Simpson would p

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