Victorian Style Sterling Engraved Floral Whimsy Ring

While looking for antique rings I came across the Victorian Style Sterling Engraved Floral Whimsy Ring by Janeliunas Jewelry. I think it is an understated beauty. There is a lot of detail put into this ring, but it won’t overpower your hand. It is indeed, a very special sort of ring.

This sterling silver ring is engraved with an original floral design that originated in the 1800′s/early 1900′s. Can you say wow? That’s impressive! As this is the case, these rings are made to order and cast especially for you when you place your order. Then your ring is delivered to you two weeks later. It’s a very special process.

Using a combination of techniques from the past and present these fabulous designs have been brought back to life in such a way that even the original tool marks hand engraved over a 100 years ago are left intact and preserved as part of the history and charm of your ring.

$59.99-74.99 via Amazon

Victorian Style Sterling Engraved Floral Whimsy Ring.jpg

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