925 Sterling Silver Band Amethyst Gemstone Ring


This exotic sterling silver ring has 2ctw amethyst gemstone embedded on it. It’s polished to look like white gold, and the piece becomes a gorgeous accessory. Choices for Topaz, Garnet and Citrine also available.

* Gem Avenue sku # KKR002
* Sterling Silver Ring
* Features dazzling Amethyst Gemstone
* High Polished Ring
* Excellent Quality Ring

Via Gem Avenue at Amazon

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2 Responses to 925 Sterling Silver Band Amethyst Gemstone Ring

  1. Saiful huda says:

    Brp duit ni utk pesan ni cincin?

  2. Jamie Marshall says:

    I would really like to find out how to get this ring. It would mean my life to get it for someone special to me.

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