5 Gorgeous Opal and Sapphire Rings for Women

It is the differences that will attract you first. The shimmery light tone of an opal is contrasted nicely with the clear, crisp blue brightness that a sapphire lends. Providing both sides of light and shadow, an opal and sapphire ring is a wonderful jewelry choice.

Opal and sapphire are similar in that they are beloved gemstones, and their likeness doesn’t stop there. Just as a single opal can change its colors, sapphires range in many different hues of blue. (And that’s not counting other colored sapphires such as pink.) A blue sapphire can be so boldly and deeply blue that it almost appears black, but it can also be quite pale. (The best quality sapphires are a strong, bright blue.)

The opal and sapphire rings we’re going to showcase are all quite regal looking and elegant. You can’t escape that feeling of richness and luxury when it comes to this pairing of gems!

Opal and Sapphire Rings for Women

Clockwise from top left

Classic Look – 9k Yellow Gold Womens Opal and Sapphire Ring.
Details: 4 center 2mm (0.08″) Opals, two 3.5mm (0.14″) and two 2.5mm (0.10″) Sapphires, solid 9K Yellow Gold Cluster setting.
Buy online from Sears, here.
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14K Rose Gold Womens Victorian Style Opal & Sapphire Ring
On sale from Amazon, here
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Sterling Silver Womens Large Fiery Opal & Sapphire Flower Ring
Buy online from Amazon, here
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Sterling Silver Womens Large Opal and Sapphire Art Nouveau Ring
On sale from Amazon, here
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18K Yellow Gold Womens Ceylon Sapphire and Opal Cocktail Ring
Buy on sale from Sears, here
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