Genuine Sapphire and Diamond-Accent Ring


This lovely marquise cut sapphire ring comes with several diamond accents. The ring is set in 10k gold while the sapphire measures 8 x 4mm. The design looks regal and very opulent but the ring comes at an affordable $90.00, exclusive to Avon.

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4 Responses to Genuine Sapphire and Diamond-Accent Ring

  1. patti lynne says:

    this is such a beautiful little ring…i once received it as a gift but then it disappeared! avon does not have this on its their website anymore but i’d love to own it again…where can i get this ring?

  2. Jessica says:

    @patti lynne, Your best bet might be to find this on ebay or etsy now. Good luck!

  3. patti lynne says:

    @Jessica, thanks for the suggestions and i appreciate the response…unfortunately i’ve combed both of those sites with no luck. this ring has been discontinued, so that makes the search that much more challenging. i’m not giving up yet!!!

  4. Jessica says:

    @patti lynne, It looks like this was posted on our site in 09. What I would recommend is putting up a google search for “Avon Sapphire and Diamond Ring” to see if that ever reveals someone putting it up on eBay in the future. I’m sorry you haven’t found it yet.

    I found a similar ring on Amazon:

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