The July Birthstone is Ruby: Let’s Look at Some Ruby Rings Cancer Signs like Anna Paquin, Liv Tyler and Jessica Simpson Might Like


With this ring, a blood red ruby stone is wrapped with gold wire. Forget the factory-made look, homespun works in your favor here.(Desired Details: Ruby Ring)


From designer Gara Danielle, there is this Ruby Chalcedony ring. (Desired Details: Ruby Ring)


Four ruby stones make up this darling butterfly ring. I have a feeling this is the ring Jessica Simpson would pick. (Desired Details: Ruby Ring)


If you don’t want the emphasis for a ruby ring to be solely on the ruby part, consider this channel set diamond and ruby ring in 14 carat gold. It has a nice balance and harmony with all the elements. (Desired Details: Ruby Ring)


The baguette ruby and round diamond ring is a sparkling beauty with five rows of ruby stones. Dazzle your friends with this beauty. (Desired Details: Ruby Ring)

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