Modern Claddagh Ring!

Modern Claddagh Ring!

Here’s a cool modern Claddagh Ring that’s really not a Claddah Ring but who cares?

“For love, we wear the heart. In friendship, we wear the hands. And, in loyalty and lasting fidelity: we wear the Royal Claddagh crown.

“This ring has no crown, it isn’t a Claddagh, no matter what the jeweler says.”

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2 Responses to Modern Claddagh Ring!

  1. bryant murphy says:

    well it is not exactly a claddagh ring but it is a varient, it is called a Fenian Claddagh. Irish rebels produced the ring with no crown to show they felt no loyalty to foreign rulers that held Ireland

  2. P. McCloud says:

    Fenian Claddagh

    The most notable variation of Irish Claddagh rings is the Fenian Claddagh ring, which is unique from other Claddaghs in that it has no crown. As a very disputed legend would have it, the traditional Claddagh rings originated from a sunken Spanish ship that sank on the Irish coast. This ring was said to be of a heart and hands similar to the present day design, but it did not have the crown. The crown was supposedly added by Queen Elizabeth much later. Of course, this account is in direct conflict with many other Irish histories and is most likely a fictional account.
    The Fenians

    Fenian Claddagh Rings, while they may have originated before the traditional Claddagh ring, are very much associated, and have been specifically made for Fenians to symbolize their desire of an Ireland free of the British crown. The Fenians began an effort in the mid nineteenth century to free Ireland of British rule. The Claddagh without a crown very much symbolizes their desire of freedom from the British crown.

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