Is Christie Brinkley’s Jewelry Line Fashionable?

It seems that former model Christie Brinkley now designs jewelry. But among the other lines of celebrity jewelry, what makes hers the best? Well, that’s what I aim to find out as I peruse her website for the first time. Since her modeling days, she’s become very ambitious. Her list of achievements include designing clothing patterns, writing and illustrating her own book (Christie Brinkley’s Outdoor Beauty and Fitness Book),promoting workout equipment on informercials, and having her own perfume (Believe). This is, of course, in addition to her jewelry line. Talk about an over-achiever, huh? Well, I’m not here to judge what she does with her time, just the jewelry she’s attached her name to! So let’s take a look at her rings.


Set of Three Wild At Heart Rings

These are really pretty, casual, and colorful. I’d wear these without shame! Heart Rings


Tiger’s Eye Ring In Sterling Silver

At first I thought this was one of her less creative rings, but the ring band is large and engraved. The theme of ‘the southwest’ is continued by having a ‘rope’ surround the tiger eye stone. The point that turns me off? It has CB’s initials engraved on it. Pft. Tiger’s Eye Ring


Set Of Three Stackable Peace Band Rings

This seems very in-tune to Brinkley’s personality. The three rings say ‘peace’ in three different languages. Peace Ring


Western Charm Ring In Turquoise And Sterling Silver

Alright, she is getting no points for designing this ring. It’s way too literal for my taste – and much too cheesy. If you’re a first grade teacher you might even be too embaressed to wear this. Turquoise Ring


Wild Sapphires Ring With Mother-of-Pearl

Christie wins back points with this flower ring. It’s simple and pretty. A much lesser person might say ‘same as Christie’ ZING! But not me. Flower ring
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