Hidden Heart Ring!

Hidden Heart Ring!

Here’s a cool Hidden Heart Ring with the heart hidden at the bottom as shown above.

Turquoise, the gemstone worn by pharaohs and Aztec kings, is probably one of the oldest gemstones known. Native Americans and many of the Indian tribes in Mexico used turquoise for currency, and the stone is still associated with the religious rites of the Navajo. Because it remains fashionable, turquoise is quite highly prized, although it is fairly plentiful.

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  1. Brenda says:

    I have a ring that’s actually three rings connected, two outer rings are hands and the inner most ring is a heart. When folded together to appear as one ring the heart is hidden by the hands which appear to be clasped together. The ring is made of silver and bought I it at a flea market. Would appreciate any information about this kind of ring, it’s a real conversation piece and no one has ever seen another like it.

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