Handcarved, Handmade Pool Ball Ring!

Handcarved, Handmade Pool Ball Ring!

If you are a Pool addict or just a raving fan, you will need to get your fingers on one of these handcarved, handmade Pool Ball Rings, each carved from a real Pool Ball.

Now, will anyone get me an 8-ball so I can get the party started?

This ring is hand carved from a used pool ball. As every ring I make is a one of a kind, no two are identical and the dimensions will vary.

I can make yours in sizes 5-10, and can carve it from whichever pool ball in the set strikes your fancy, from 1-15. Just contact me with your ring size.

Because each one is custom made, they take a bit of time. They will, however, ship out within two weeks of purchase.

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2 Responses to Handcarved, Handmade Pool Ball Ring!

  1. Derek says:

    how do i get one of theses?

  2. Derek says:

    anyone know how to get one of these

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