Prank Tongue Ring!

Prank Tongue Ring!

Here’s a fun way to get a tongue ring without any piercings.

A realistic looking stud which when you use fake piercelss tongue ring, you can fool everyone thinking that you just got your tongue pierced.

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3 Responses to Prank Tongue Ring!

  1. Angel says:

    omg this is so cool! where do u get it???? i wnt one cos my parents wont let me get in done!

  2. taravalentine says:

    question. i live in oklahoma i would really love to get a fake tounge ring to see if my grandma notices that i have it in my mouth or not. because iuf she doesn't notice, i am going to get a real one.

  3. Airabella1999 says:

    i want a fake one cuz my mom or dad wont let me get on and iv been looking all over the place for one and i was wondering where do u get one of then or buy them?

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