Sunflower Ring by Nvie Designs

Do you have a sunny disposition? Then why not sport this little ray of sunshine? This Sunflower Ring by Nvie Designs uses brilliant cubic zirconia stones to give you the best they can offer.

It is unlikely you’ll find an other ring just like this, anywhere else. So, grab it now! And then, flaunt it! It’s the perfect summertime ring, especially when actual sunflowers tend to wilt. This bright bloom will stay fresh all year long, even away from the sun.

It looks like it costs a ton (read: it looks expensive), but it’s surprisingly well-priced! Yellow is a color that inspires happiness, so maybe it’s true that you can buy happiness.

The base metal is coated with quality silver or gold coating that enhances the shine of the ring. The designs are very modern and exciting. Our customers tell us that they have never failed to get compliments on the rings they have bought from us.

$49.99 at Amazon (Click! Link updated January 2012)

Sunflower Ring by Nvie Designs.jpg

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2 Responses to Sunflower Ring by Nvie Designs

  1. Daniel C says:

    I love the gold sunflower ring by nvie,it will make the perfect present for my girlfiend but i cant find it anywere…..please help me

  2. Jessica says:

    Daniel C – I have found the same ring for sale, I will update the link so that you just have to click it.

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