Audrey Hepburn’s Yellow Diamond (Five Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings)

yellow diamondI don’t know about you, but I LOVE the Audrey Hepburn movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I’ve probably seen it about, oh, 150 times. And even through all of that I never knew anything about the story between the yellow Tiffany diamond and Audrey in the movie. But when I was researching famous diamonds I came across the Tiffany Yellow Diamond. It turns out that the Tiffany Yellow Diamond has only been worn by two women – and one of them was the lovely Audrey Hepburn for Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I believe she wore the diamond on a necklace in the movie. But I am not positive. What I do know is that the Tiffany Yellow Diamond is one of the largest yellow diamonds in the entire world.

audrey hepburn yellow diamond

In the above Breakfast at Tiffanys publicity photo you see the yellow diamond set in the “Bird on the Rock” brooch, designed by the famous Tiffany jeweler Jean Schlumberger.

What is one item you associate with the color yellow? The SUN! Here is a youtube video of the Glee mashup the girls did on the wonderful Fox show. They mashed up the songs Halo and Walking on SUNSHINE! I cannot get enough of this song.

Now we’re going to examine five different yellow diamond engagement rings. If you look good in yellow, why wouldn’t you want to have it as something you’ll wear every day? Yellow diamond engagement rings are unique and people will always admire your ring.

yellow diamond rings on sale

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring ON SALE One of a Kind 2 1/2ctw Fancy Yellow Oval Cut Diamond Ring (GH/VS-SI) 18k Gold

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring 18k Two-Tone Gold White and Yellow Diamond 3-Stone Ring

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring 1 ctw Certified White and Yellow Diamond Ring

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring 3/4 ctw Natural Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring 5/8ctw EGL Certified Two-tone Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold

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    Absolutely gorgeous yellow diamonds. Yellow diamonds really are becoming more and more popular.

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