Your New Favorite Signature Ring : 14K Gold Ring w/ Black & White Enamel Flowers

White Enamel Flower Ring

White Enamel Flower Ring

If you’re looking for a great ring that can be dressed up or dressed down, able to be worn like a second skin, consider this ring I found on This could be your signature ring for a few months, something you wear no matter what else you’re wearing. I’m afraid I must make another Sex and the City reference (which isn’t so bad, there IS a new Sex and the City movie coming out!) this is exactly what they had Carrie Bradshaw on the show do. She would have certain jewelry (usually a necklace) that she would be wearing in many episodes in a row, before she moved on to something else. But she’d sometimes pull that item back out again. It’s a great way to really love and own your piece, and get lots of miles out of it. As you can tell, I love this flower ring.

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