Benjamin James Men’s Leather Ring!

For leather outfits, there’s nothing better than one of these Benjamin James Leather Ring which will complement rest of your outfit very, leathery and indeed nicely.

  • This piece of jewellery is made from Silver, a white, semi precious metal.
  • It is very malleable and so allows for the creation of lots of different shapes.
  • Always put Silver jewellery on after you have put on perfume because it will turn it black!
  • Matt Silver can be cleaned using a rubber.

$34 via johngreeddesign

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4 Responses to Benjamin James Men’s Leather Ring!

  1. liz jones says:

    I think this ring is cool!!
    I would wear it.
    But I like anything that is leather.

  2. Izabela says:

    From where can I order this ring?

  3. kate says:

    I really love this ring, Where can i buy one?

  4. Jessica says:

    This ring is indeed for sale, unless the date on this post is older than 2013. (In which case the store probably no longer stocks it. But, check to make sure on their website!) All purchasing info is available on this ring blog post that you read. It is usually followed by, or linked to, the name of the site it’s sold from. Or, “CLICK HERE.”

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