Bunheads Fashion – Sutton Foster’s Gold Fringe Earrings

On Bunheads, the new ABC Family series, Sutton Foster plays Michelle. And she’s a Las Vegas girl! Which means that even when you take the girl out of Vegas… well, you know the rest. Which is why even in Paradise, California, Michelle has brought a bit of Vegas with her by bringing these large gold tassel (or fringe) earrings. Aren’t they so absolutely fantastic?

Jules Smith Fringe Earrings from Shop Bop,

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Diamond Antique Engagement Rings We Love : Jewelry Blog

Antique engagement rings have a romantic history. And we’re crazy about that on this ring blog. So turn on some melodic, dreamy Frank Sinatra tunes and peruse these romantic diamond antique engagement rings that are worth more than just a second look.

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5 Big Diamond Platinum Engagement Rings

Go big or go home! These platinum engagement rings have big diamonds and big, glamorous appeal!

    Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring with Prong Set Sidestones (H/SI2, 1 ct. tw.) by MontRED from Amazon, CLICK

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Extraordinary Engagement Rings : Ring Blog

There are plenty of unusual, sparkling and extraordinary engagement rings that you ought to acquaint yourself with. Below are some of them.

    1.82 Carat Cognac Diamond Baguette and Onyx and Diamond Art Deco from Lang Antiques, CLICK

Edwardian Style 1.96 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring from Lang Antiques, CLICK

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Unique Engagement Rings for Disney Princesses

unique engagement rings

Have you ever thought about what ring Cinderella would wear?

We found this great image of unique engagement rings for the different Disney Princesses.

It looks like both Jasmine, Cinderella and Belle all went for three stone rings. Sleeping Beauty’s is glamorous, and Ariel has romantic, natural touches to it. Snow White’s ring is the one we don’t think matches her at all. What do you think?

Disney Princess Engagement Rings

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Designer Spotlight: Rebekah Price Jewelry

Using bold Swarvorski crystals, Rebekah Price is a jewelry designer that captures your attention right away. We’ve selected five jewelry items of hers and matched them with the celebrity we’d love to see them wearing them.

We’d love to see this on the wrist of Amanda Seyfried.

This shocking pink bracelet would be perfect on Katy Perry.

This dose of glitzy glamor would compliment Emma Stone.

These earrings were meant for Olivia Wilde, no?

Michelle Williams and her short hair could really rock this ed

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5 Gorgeous Vintage Ruby Engagement Rings – Ring Blog

The slightest embrace of one of these vintage ruby engagement rings upon your finger and you’ll never want to go for a plain diamond again.

    Art Deco 1.63 c Diamond Ruby Ring from The Three Graces, CLICK

    2.74 Carat Natural ‘No Heat” Burma Ruby and Diamond Antique Ring from Lang Antiques, CLICK

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Unique Engagement Rings You’ll Love!

unique engagement rings

Here is a collection of unique engagement rings. From pink diamonds to princess cuts, there’s a bit of everything here.

The above is from Diamond Nexus.

The above is from Martha Stewart.

The above is from Gemvara.

The above is from: http://fyeahweddingrings.tumblr.com/post/19782369124

The above unique engagement rings are all from eragem.com.

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Once Upon a Time – Snow White Ring Options (Affordable)

Snow White’s Engagement ring is beautiful, and why shouldn’t you own a similar one? We found the perfect way to get a replica without going for the actual gemstone of peridot and white gold. Instead, try a cubic zirconia stone in the color “apple green.” It mimics the light green look of periodot, perfectly.

Of course, by going for sterling silver you can also get a genuine peridot ring at an affordable rate.

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5 Fun Starfish Rings for Women

Check out five of our favorite Starfish Rings for women.

    Oversize Textured Starfish Stretch Ring Ivory from Amazon, CLICK Celebrity Jewelry Match: Leslie Bibb Jewelry

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