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6 Responses to Guest Blogger

  1. Kishore says:

    Stunning two tier crystal and cubic zirconia ring. Very uniquely designed ring with a facetted marquise cut , amethyst color, CZ with clear crystals on the bottom. Fancy ring perfect for cocktails and sure to get noticed.

  2. Shabella says:


  3. Tim Collins says:

    Can anyone help me? I have searched the “net” and no luck finding a ring like this: (jewelry) a ring designed as the flag of Norway. A “Norweigan flag” design ring or better yet the Norweigan flag design on a small celtic shield, enameled in the colors of the Norweigan flag, red, (actually more of a crimson) background and a white enameled celtic cross, the cross and the border of the flag or shield would be trimmed with 18kt, gold “rope”. The ring body in 18kt.

  4. Jessica says:

    Tim Collins – I’m Norweigan and Swedish in my heritage more than anything else. I don’t seem to see any rings like this on Google. Have you looked around Etsy? Your best bet might be to have someone custom make the ring for you. Etsy has many shops with people who do custom jewelry work. I actually found one shop that might work. For your ideal ring with the 18k gold rope details you might have to work with more than one shop, for people who specialize in different areas. But this shop Krize draws things for rings (images):

    If you make an Etsy account you can write her a message and see if she would custom make you a ring with the Norwegian flag symbol.

    I hope that helps a little bit, just try some searches for Custom Rings, Custom Ring makers, Flag rings, enamel rings, custom enamel rings, custom gold rings… that sort of stuff.

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  6. susan says:

    raw :: urban :: organic :: rings

    S.Ritter Rings are bold, delicious, gorgeous works of texture, color and attitude. Combining the energy of NYC with natural beauty of unpolished minerals set in sterling silver and bronze, the rings are made using antiquity’s lost-wax casting process, a process that uses no molds and no mass-fabricated elements. Each one-of-a-kind ring is hand-made, hand-fashioned and hand-loved.

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