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Ring Design – Sustainable Flower Pot Ring!


Wouldn’t you know this is a really cool and hip design for ecoists out there?  It’s a sustainable Flower Pot Ring where you can grow your favorite plant.  Of course, if you have an active lifestyle, the plant might come off but hey, it’s a design and it’s eco-friendly.

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Ring Design – Real Forest Ring!


This Forest Ring isn’t for the faint-hearted as you will need to keep watering your plants well while wearing this ring.  But it’s definitely the real version of the Forest Ring featured before.

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Starburst Diamond Ring is better than Starburst candy!


Here’s a really cool Starburst Diamond Ring that’s on sale right now for $650.  Not a bad choice for engagements, anniversaries, birthdays and whatnot.

By the incredible Mia & Kompany! This breathtaking ring is a beauty and looks even better on. 14k white gold, starburst is studded with sparkling diamonds. Size 7 only.

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Ring Design – Encoder Rings saves messages in Binary!


Check out this concept Encoder Ring, where binary numbers (0s and 1s) are used to store up to 66 characters.

It’s a cool concept, now I wish they made Encoder Rings in titanium or at least sterling silver.

Encoder Rings began as an investigation in how to store precious or personal digital information. The result is

a series of rings that are decorated with tiny blobs and holes, that actually represent letters in binary code; the

code used as the basis for digital information. The user would choose a secret message 64

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Satellite Ring!


Here’s a really cool Satellite Ring.  There’s no info on whether you can buy this but it looks really cool.

This sterling silver ring has 4 rings that surround a grey pearl and with a flick of your finger, the rings spin around the pearl.

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