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Our Favorite Diamond Right Hand Rings for Women

Take a look at the variety of right hand diamond rings we love.

The great thing about a right hand ring is that you can have as many diamonds on the ring as you like. We’re going to start off with a more contemporary look an then check out some more traditional rings.

Chunky Diamond Ring Handmade Sterling Silver Band With 11 Diamonds 0.33ct Unique Wedding Rings from the Etsy store Dog Stone,

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Unique Fairy Tale Engagement Rings with Leaf Designs

If your engagement feels like a fairy tale, why not have a ring that matches? These engagement rings have a dash of nature with their leaf designs. Take a look at these fairy tale engagement rings and see which one seems like your fairy godmother would pick for you.

ON SALE 10k Two-tone Round Cut CZ Engagement Ring with Unique Leaf Design Band from Amazon,

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Amazing Modern Vintage Engagement Rings for Women

Modern rings with a vintage style. These ones are perfect as engagement rings. A variety of gemstones are used, so if you want something unique this is a great place to look and gauge what you like. These are all amazing rings, you can be certain of that.

Modern Vintage 14K Pink Gold 1.5 Carat Rhodolite Crown Engagement Ring

Modern Vintage 14K Yellow Gold 1.5 Carat Yellow Topaz Solitaire Engagement Ring

Classic French 10K Pink Gold 1.0 Carat Princess Lilac Amethyst Solitaire Engagement Ring

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DIY Ring Project – Make Resin Jewelry

Looking for a diy ring project so you an make your own rings? Try making resin rings! With molds, it’s very easy to get creative.

    Silicone Triangle Rectangle Ring Mold (size 9), Click Five Rectangle Ring Mold, Click

Both links to Zougeebean Resin Jewelry and Mold Supplies

These handmade silicone ring molds are exact replicas of the molds I u

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CLASSIC Engagement Ring Settings Styles – complete guide

Let’s explore some (engagement) ring settings styles – but not just the common ones.

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A four or six prong ring setting is popular and classic. The more prongs you have, the safer your gemstone is set. You don’t want too many prongs (the tips hold the stone in place) so that it hides the stone. You also don’t want any prongs to come loose. If one ever does, you must get it fixed or you could lose your diamond/ge

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UNIQUE Engagement Ring Settings Styles – guide

Let’s look at some unique engagement ring settings and styles. These are all simple, (some are modern) and streamlined.

(There are also engagement ring settings types with three stones or side stones.)


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Knife Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring,

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5 Beautiful Tiny Animal Rings from Etsy that We Love

You’re going to love these tiny animal rings so much you’ll be squeeing for days! Don’t forget that we update our ring blog five days a week. If you are looking for a jewelry blog to update your pinterest rings or pinterest jewelry, always give us a look! It’s the smart choice. Thumbs up. Now, onto the tiny animal rings! We’ve got birds, dogs, even bunnies.

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WOW Jewelry Pieces to Share on Pinterest – Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, Rings

If you’re looking for amazingly cool pieces of jewelry to see and share on Pinterest, check out these.

Rotating Pendant: Exotic and Regal

Crystal Earrings: Edgy and Unique

Diamond Snake Necklace: Eccentric and Slithery

Xylophone bangles (Audiowear Porcelain Musical Jewely Collection) by Elastic Brand: Musical

Arwen Quartz Necklace: For a Warrior Princess, but not Xena

Colorful Pendant Necklace: Wham to color!

Loto Coho Diamond Earrings: Ironic

Paris Metro Cuff: Educational

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5 Pinky Rings for Women We Don’t Hate

These pinky rings are all kinds of fun. We hope you enjoy this ring jewelry blog and subscribe so you never miss all the great stuff we’re bringing our fans every day.

Delicate Fig Leaf Ring from Amazon, CLICK

Tiny Heart Pinky Ring by RachelPfefferDesigns on Etsy,

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Wearable Plants – Real Plant Necklaces by Colleen Jordan

If you like tiny plant jewelry where you can own wearable plants, check out Colleen Jordan’s offerings. She has created tiny living plant jewelry that you wear around your neck. You’ll be making an eco-friendly statement when you wear a tiny real plant necklace like this.

Avocado Real Plant Jewelry

“Why should your plants stay at home? They help clean the air you breathe, are beautiful, and create a wonderful conversation starter. Carry a sprout, a succulent, or a flower you found on your morning walk.”

Long Vase Wearable Plants

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