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Pretty Little Liars Jewelry Inspiration – Aria Montgomery’s Style

heart earrings

When I happened upon the Etsy store of handmade jewelry by Rachel Pfeffer, I knew Aria Montgomery (Pretty Little Liars) would be all over it. It’s exactly her style. Which is to say, it’s eclectic, edgy and glamorous.

In thinking in terms of Aria (played by Lucy Hale) I could see so many of these pieces working. And not just the rings. From the sparkling drusy rings to the simple brass heart earrings…there’s just so much going on that is so cool.

DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT – Rachel Pfeffer Designs

(I have zero idea if Rachel is a fan of Pretty Little Liar

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5 Ametrine Rings – You’ll Love this Multicolored Gemstone!

ametrine rings

Both the name and the look of ametrine immediately gets our attention. It’s unlike any other gemstone with it’s purple ombre that goes into yellow. You’re right to think of both amethyst and citrine, as that’s what’s it’s made from. Oxidation creates the cool bands of color. Think of it as bicolored quartz. And hey, it even has a cool legend to accompany it.

The legend surrounding ametrine says that it was first noticed when a conquistador married a princess from the Ayoreos tribe and he was gifted a mine in Bolivia. He sent some ametrine to the Sp

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Birthday Rings (Unique Wish Rings!) by Bettina Nissen

bettina nissen

These cool candle rings by Bettina Nissen are a new take on birthday rings. Rather than being about your birth stone, this is a ring you can serve on a cupcake, then blow out as you make a wish! You could also call it a wish ring.

Make A Wish interprets the moment of happiness when blowing out the candles on a cake. The iconic birthday cake candleholder is transformed into a piece of jewelry that serves as a keepsake of a special day. Buried in a cake as surprise or presented in its beautiful packaging Make A Wish will turn anyone’s birthday into a memorable event.

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DIY Rings – Easy and Unique Button Rings that Everyone Admires

diy rings

Get creative today. Learn to make Button Rings with this affordable, easy ring tutorial!

If you’re into DIY rings, then you simply must learn the art of making button rings. It’s an easy way to create unique rings on the cheap. And this ring tutorial is inexpensive to purchase. You buy it as a PDF on your computer and it’ll tell you what to do in order to take buttons (vintage or new, it doesn’t matter) to create your own button rings.

The shop reminds you that the great thing about buttons is that there is such variety, and that buttons are dur

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Emma Stone Jewelry – Oscars 2012 Style Look

emma stone jewelry

Didn’t Emma Stone look gorgeous at the 2012 Oscars? And while you can’t get away with wearing this red dress every day, her jewelry look luckily can be translated to real life.

Kenneth Jay Lane Polished Silver Large Link Bracelet This designer bracelet looks like the one Emma Stone wore with her red bow dress at the 2012 Oscars. The chains are the same shape and it’s perfect to wear every day, even at the office. We love how large it is. $238.00 From Amazon,

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Shop Downtown Abbey Inspired Jewelry: NOT Art Deco, Guys!

downton abbey jewelry inspiration

If you love the romantic old world feel of Downton Abbey, then you most likely are not immune to the charm of the charms and assorted jewelry worn on the series. Of course, when PBS tried to launch their own line of Downton Abbey Inspired Jewelry, they were forced to shut it down because they didn’t have the appropriate copyrights. But that doesn’t stop you from finding similar jewelry looks. In fact, I’m here today to help you with that.

The first season of Downton Abbey starts when the Titantic sinks which is in 1912. The second season of the show spans th

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5 Unusual Rings for Women Found in Etsy Shops

unusual rings

Love Jewelry blogs? Let us know what you think of our ring blog. We update five days a week for your jewelry searching needs. Related: Pinterest Jewelry, Pinterest Rings

Explore five unusual rings for women below. All five were found on Etsy!

Spring Ring Alice in Wonderland – terrarium ring from Hokiou on Etsy, CLICK Related: Handmade rings, Etsy Rings, Alice in Wonderland Rings, Unusual rings, Unique Rings

Sterling Silver Ring – Agate Stone &#

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5 Truly Gorgeous Jasper Rings for Women

jasper rings

We’ve put together five different Jasper Rings for women that we are super keen on. The jasper colors vary from pink to yellow, and the tell-tale sign is the artistic marbling in the stone. They remind us of quail eggs, which are also very pretty.

We dare you not to fall in love with the jasper ring by Carolyn Pollack, which plays the soft, creamy yellow jasper against pure blue iolite stones.

And of course there’s the handmade ring with ocean jasper that has a mix of beautiful yellows, greens and pinks set in fine silver.

Jasper Rings for Women Caroly

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5 Fanciful and Fun Sorrelli Rings for Sale

sorrelli rings

Sorrelli makes wonderful crystal cocktail rings that don’t go easy on the BLING factor. They’re the epitome of a fun ring. And luckily you can find LOADS for sale on Amazon and Sears.

These Sorrelli rings use Austrian crystals. This brand has often been featured on Gossip Girl and on top magazines like Glamour and InStyle.

Sorrelli Rings on Sale Sorrelli Tropical Adjustable Goldtone Ring from Sears, CLICK R

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5 Great Heart Rings Under $100

heart rings

Forget the sleeve, wear your heart on your finger! And mix it up with different variations of a heart, from sparkly to a bright neon color. When heart rings are under 100 dollars, you can collect one for every mood and emotion you have. (And we know that can be a lot, you’re a complex person!)

Below are five selections for heart rings that are all under $100. We’ve got designer names like Adia Kibur and Rachel Roy in the mix.

Heart Rings Under $100 Nolan Swarovski Heart Ring from Max and Chloe,

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