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Our Fun Top Five Lists

Rough Diamond Rings for Sale (Engagement, Eternity, Everyday)

rough diamond rings sale

Wake up and get ready to get your hands rough! Rough Diamond Rings are splendid for many different occasions, and they are catching everyone’s eye right now. Who knew that a diamond in the rough could be so, well, dazzling? These all have a more natural, earthy feeling to them. Many of the diamonds have tints to them, lending a warm feeling rather than a pristine one.

Rough Diamond Rings for Sale

Clockwise from top left

Arik Kastan Rings – Rough Cut Diamond Bow Ring from Roseark,

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5 Rough Uncut Diamond Engagement Ring Examples – Trend Alert!

rough uncut diamond engagement ring

Whether you know it or not, you probably would really like handmade rings. Especially if you’re lookng for a rough uncut diamond engagement ring. Half of my finds were from Etsy stores that specialize in handmade rings and jewelry!

This seems to be a jewelry trend, having these rough diamonds used as an engagement ring. It’s an alternative choice, for sure. But there are pro’s and con’s. It looks (and is) unique, but the rough nature of the uncut diamond might snag on things or even hurt your face if you sleep with the ring on. These are all things to consider

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5 September Birthstone Rings of Sweet Blue Sapphire

september birthstone ring

The September birthstone ring is a sapphire, and a sapphire ring makes for a great birthday gift. To start off looking, consider the classic options. Like a band of sapphire and diamonds set in platinum that will stand the test of time and be heirloom quality. This is the kind of ring you can wear every day. Next is a ring with an intricate white gold swirl design around the sapphire stone. It’s got a romantic, classic quality.

Ready to double up on the classics? Try this double row ring of sapphire and diamonds that is pictured next. The diamond weight is .12 tcw. And this rin

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5 Prayer Rings for Women (Christian, Hebrew, Buddhist, Kabbalah)

prayer rings women

When it comes to prayer rings for women, I’m not about to guess what religion you are. I’ve tried to highlight some different religions, although I did notice a trend. For a lot of my searches, I found a lot of cross rings, religious rings, Hebrew rings, scripture rings and serenity prayer rings for Christians. On Etsy, where there are handmade rings, I found mostly Kabbalah prayer rings. But this post started off with inspiration from a Buddhist Ring. Whatever you believe, I hope you have peace on your mind! I think that any religious ring can inspire you to be called to silent

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5 Heavenly Celestial Rings with Stars and Moons

star rings

The word “celestial” refers to things that are of the sky, or heaven. Often it means something sacred and divine. Stars, moons, and planets are all celestial. So it’s time to look at some star rings, moon rings, and all that kind of stuff!

Our first ring is called “Artemis” and it is made from 14k yellow gold, diamonds and garnet. Artemis is also Diana and she was the goddess of many things, including of the hunt. She is often pictured with a bow and arrow.

Following this are several star rings. But no two are the same. We’ve got an adjustab

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5 Cool Opal and Onyx Rings for Sale

opal and onyx rings

The ring that inspired this opal and onyx rings post is the one by Dajhan. This is when I realized that the contrast of a shimmery opal and matte black onyx is stunning.

So, that first ring is gorgeous, obviously. Let me point out the diamond frame around the prong set onyx slab. It’s edgy and cool, yea? The next ring has the same idea, but it plays as romantic. It’s actually a vintage Avon ring, if you can believe it. A Victorian antique ring of opal and onyx provides some more rich history.

There’s a handmade ring with the title of “Volcano” tha

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5 Awesome Diamond Slice Rings from Different Designers

diamond slice ring

Who wouldn’t flail happily at the thought of wearing an entire slice of a diamond?! Come on now. These are awesome.Diamond slice rings work great as cocktail rings, engagement rings, or eternity rings.

The Ashley Morgan ring has a diamond slice surrounded by pave diamonds and set in 18k white gold. It’s a show stopper, for sure.

Next is a handmade ring from Samantha McIntosh on Etsy. The diamond slice is rose cut and it has “shades of silver, a touch of onyx and blue/green pearl iridescence with a super high polish micro facet checkerboard surface for an extr

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5 Unique Amethyst Rings – Handmade Rings for Women

unique amethyst rings

Unique Amethyst Rings are just what the mystical jewelry doctor has ordered for today, don’t you think? It’s always nice to try something a little outside of your comfort zone. That’s how I discovered that I love creme brule!

Our first amethyst ring has a Victorian style and looks like a blooming rose. This is a handmade ring, and the rose was indeed hand carved. Can you imagine all the time that took? (Natural amethyst.)

Taking a note from the royals, this amethyst ring has a regal look to it. (Lab-grown amethyst.)

Smell the flowers? Sure, why

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5 Pink Amethyst Rings to Wear Anywhere, Anytime

pink amethyst rings

I can’t get enough of pink amethyst now that I’ve discovered it. Let’s look into some pink amethyst cocktail rings, okay? I’ll hold your hand!

Our first example is a cocktail ring and the cushion cut pink amethyst is a long rectangular shape. It’s made with rose gold and diamonds on the ring shoulders.

Next we have a ring with a plump amethyst that makes it appear like a dome from a sideview. The pink amethyst is round, brilliant cut.

Now we have another dome ring, this time with rose gold plating.

The pink amethyst with fili

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5 Pink Amethyst Engagement Rings: From Fancy to Casual

pink amethyst engagement rings

Did you know there’s such a thing as pink amethyst? Well, there is. And it’s fashionable to use for engagement rings. Let’s go over five great pink amethyst engagement rings that you might like.

Our first pink amethyst engagement ring option is paired with 14k rose gold and sparkling diamonds on the ring band. It will make you question why you ever thought you had to have a diamond as the center stone for your engagement ring. Look – it’s that pretty!

Substituting pink amethyst and purple rhodolite for diamonds, this first ring example has

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