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Our Fun Top Five Lists

5 Golden-y Delightful Citrine and Diamond Bands

citrine and diamond bands

For an reasons unknown to my conscious mind, seeing clusters of citrine gemstones placed on a band reminds me of honeycomb. And that leads me to thinking about Winnie the Pooh, and how great those old Disney cartoons used to be. Nostalgia is a big thing with me.

And because I love traditions and thinking back onto the past, I think the idea of heirloom jewelry that gets passed down through generations (because it’s of high quality and stands the test of time) is precious and perfect and all kinds of sweet. So, if you have someone in your family (or yourself) who has a November

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5 November Birthstone Rings for Cheap, And That’s Okay!

november birthstone rings for cheap

Need to find citrine rings –  cheap? There’s no shame in that. Citrine is the golden yellow color of November birthstone rings. Whether you can’t commit to a certain kind, don’t have the money for a more expensive one, or the gift is for a younger girl who often loses things – you might have any reason for wanting or needing a citrine ring cheap. And the way you do that is by shopping around, gong for sterling silver, and using good judgement. A ring can look more expensive than it actually is. My favorite two rings below are the last two listed – make s

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5 Stunning Amethyst and Opal Rings

amethyst and opal rings

Opals make for a fascinating ring, and I knew that  at the early age of thirteen. Well, I can’t pinpoint my exact age, but it was around that age of hormones and naivety that my uncle gave me an opal ring. When I asked someone if it was a very expensive, very important gift, they said that it wasn’t. The opal wasn’t very large, it wasn’t set with gold, and opals themselves are not as important as a diamond or ruby. But that didn’t deter me. I saw it on my finger, and I knew it had mystical properties. How else to explain the way the milky white hue changed to

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5 Best Rose de France Rings

rose de france rings

What is Rose de France? It’s a type of amethyst, with a very light purple shade. And it’s a great type of ring to have in your jewelry wardrobe.

Rose de France Rings

Rosede France Ring – 18K ROSE GOLD LEAF RING, ROSE DE FRANCE (16mm X 8mm) AND PAVE DIAMOND TRIM. For more rings like this look for rose de france ring diamond. Find this rose de france ring from Carelle, here.

Sterling Silver Rose de France Amethyst Ring – A natural rose de france amet

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5 Gorgeous Opal and Sapphire Rings for Women

opal and sapphire rings for women

It is the differences that will attract you first. The shimmery light tone of an opal is contrasted nicely with the clear, crisp blue brightness that a sapphire lends. Providing both sides of light and shadow, an opal and sapphire ring is a wonderful jewelry choice.

Opal and sapphire are similar in that they are beloved gemstones, and their likeness doesn’t stop there. Just as a single opal can change its colors, sapphires range in many different hues of blue. (And that’s not counting other colored sapphires such as pink.) A blue sapphire can be so boldly and deeply blue

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5 Stylish Hallowen Rings of Silver

This creepy jewelry is all by Charlotte Burkhart on Etsy.

Forget the plastic spider rings, and opt for something as stylish as you are for the upcoming Halloween season! We’re far beyond wanting something tacky. Let’s find you something you might wear more than once, depending on how daring you are…

Stylish Halloween Rings

Clockwise from top right Tooth Decay Knuckle Ring by Charloette Burkhart on Etsy Details: “We all need a wee reminder to brush our teeth, so why not wear A tooth on your hand to remind you?!” This knuckle ring is made with oxidized sterling silver and an actual human tooth. Similar: H

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5 Best Robindira Unsworth Rings

robindira unsworth rings

Robindira Unsworth Rings are famous for their stacking appeal, mixed metals, vibrant gemstones and hammered details. This is all handmade jewelry.

The tagline for Robindira Unsowrth  jewelry is: “Inspire a Rich Life” so let these pieces inspire you!

Robindira Unsworth Rings

Darjeeling stacking rings with london blue topaz Price: $180 Materials: 22k gold vermeil over sterling silver, round and pear shaped london blue topaz gemstones Buy online: Shop Twigs, h

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Courtney Kaye Jewelry Top 5 Bold Rings

courtney kaye jewelry

If you want black and gold, intriciate filigree jewelry with a bold presence, you need to check out Courtney Kaye Jewelry. Looking like exactly what Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian would love to add to their jewelry wardrobes, the rings by Courtney Kaye have the perfect mix of hard/soft and tough/feminine for us to salivate over. I mean, check out that bow ring! (It has a matching necklace!)

Courtney Kaye Jewelry

Clockwise from top right

Courtney Kaye Arabella Filigree Ring – It’s shimmering all over the place! Like a disco ball! Only no where near as ta

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Abhaas Jewelry: Their 5 Best Rings

abhaas jewelry

Filled with vibrant pinks and royal blues among rich gold and sparkling diamonds, Abhaas jewelry will catch your eye right away!

Abhaas Jewels creates incredible jewelry under the name “Abhaas Jewels Corp.” Production of the gorgeous earrings, rings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces and pendants is done in Jaipur, India. They export to the international market, sharing their exotic jewelry worldwide. They focus on Ethnic Indian Jewelery collection but also have a Victorian Jewelry, Vintage Reproduction, Rose Cut Collection and Fine Jewelry section. Every piece is a creative

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5 Sparkling Ruby Rings

sparkling ruby rings

In all of us is a little girl who wants a pair of sparkling ruby red slippers. But, actual shoes of sparkling red can be a little much for the average gal about town. So, why not a sparkling ruby ring, instead?

Sparkling Ruby Rings

clockwise from top right

1 1/10 Carat Created Ruby & Diamond Sterling Silver Heart Ring – Rings Under 100 – Heart Rings – This fantastic heart ring features a 1 carat ruby and 1/10 carat single cut white diamonds for extra shine. It’s the epitome of a romantic ring and is perfect for Valentine’s Day or other

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