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Let’s shop for Downton Abbey rings! | Art Deco Ring Styles

art deco rings

Downton Abbey takes place during the 1920’s, so we’re on the hunt for 1920’s rings. That falls in the realm of the Art Deco jewelry period, which was strongly defined by geometric shapes and strong lines. I’ve even put together a bit of a refresher for you guys:

What was 1920’s jewelry like?
    Geometric shapes like triangles, pentagons, and trapezoids Bold edges Strongly contrasted color combinations with gems of ruby, onyx, sapphire, and emerald. Design names of the day: Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli. Sleek, streamline

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Adler Rings and Necklaces – The Top Pieces!

adler jewelry

Get to know the refined beauty presented by Adler rings and Adler necklaces. The long-standing jewelry company is proud of high quality and creative designs. They say on their website, “The jewels are worn by modern women who are confident of their taste and who have a highly developed eye for beauty.”

We’ve gone through the web, the Adler website, and even Christie’s auctions to find our favorite pieces to share with our jewelry loving readers. Let us know in the comments which piece you’d most love to own!


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Mary Margaret Blanchard’s Ring on Once Upon a Time

once upon a time ring

On Once Upon a Time (ABC) Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) has a striking green peridot engagement ring.

Mystical properties of Peridot include healing (more on that below), patience, the ability to rid you of jealousy, and to bring you peace and a clear heart. It’s also been said that peridot can help you understand your purpose, and help you fulfill your destiny. …Talk about the perfect stone for Snow White / Mary Margaret Blanchard!

Healing properties of Peridot include the reduction of stress, anger, fever and aggravation.

Peridot is the birthstone

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5 Great Antique Style Eternity Bands

antique style eternity bands

Call us a total sucker for romance, but we love the delicate and intricate style lines afforded to one by antique styles of rings. And if you’re going to be with someone for an eternity, why not go for something timeless and romantic? Below are five eternity bands (or eternity rings, if you rather) that encapsulate a feeling of a more magical era.

Heirloom Vine Diamond Eternity Ring in 14k White Gold from Blue Nile, CLICK Gala Diamond Eternity Ring in 14k White Gold from Blue Nile,

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5 Best Snowflake Rings in White Gold

snowflake rings white gold

Now that the first dusting of snow has fallen, it make me start to think bout the intricacies of individual snowflakes.

Naturally, white gold is the obvious metal choice to pair with a snowflake themed ring. That or platinum or silver. But here I’m focusing on snowflake rings with white gold. There is a wide variety here in prices, shapes and designers.

Snowflake Rings White Gold

Snowflake Ring Round Blue Topaz 14K White Gold Ring with Diamond Related: Topaz Rings, Snowflake Rings From Gemvara,

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White Gold Toe Rings: 5 You’d See on a Kardashian

white gold toe rings

I’ll admit, I’m not exactly the type to love toe rings. And so that means I’m even less likely to invest in a white gold toe ring. However, it does make sense that you want something reliable that you can wear down there where you might get sand and seawater on it. It needs to stand the test of time! Yea. Well, when I think about what kind of person might love a gold toe ring, I think of the Kardashian sisters. So they were my inspiration here. Khloe, Kourtney and Kim. Not Kendal or Kylie since they haven’t been in the press enough for me to know their style.

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Modern Professional Look: Criss Cross Rings in White Gold

criss cross ring white gold

White Gold is a supreme luxury and the modern woman does well to wear at least one white gold ring on her hand at all times. There’s something very contemporary, very “now” and very powerful about a criss cross ring. Many will have diamonds, but they aren’t necessary. (Imagine that, me finding diamonds unnecessary, the world must be ending.) Say what you will about right hand rings and the perfect engagement ring, sometimes the perfect “everyday” ring is something simple and chic. And that’s what you find in a white gold criss cross ring.

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Antique Filigree and Diamond Engagement Rings in White Gold

antique filigree diamond engagement rings

If romance is all you think about, and you want to be a true princess, you should definitely consider a filigree engagement ring. Here, we take a look at five different antique (and antique style) filigree rings. My favorites are the third and fourth, because they look so great up close and from a far.

The price for these all (except the last one, which does not include the center diamond) is about $1,000.00.

With filigree rings, it’s all about the detail. So make sure you pick a detailed look that you won’t mind seeing every day. For me, the first ring doesn’

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Star Ring in White Gold

star ring white gold

Calling all divas who shine in the spotlight, check out this star ring!

I love that this isn’t just a super basic ring, it gives you an outlined star and then two solid stars – all crafted in nice 14k white gold. It even has AA quality diamonds on the ring, for extra pizazz. You know you wanted more!

The shape, itself, of the ring has a nice sway to it.

Find this ring to buy at Jewelry Adviser:

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14k White Gold Flower Diamond Ring

diamond flower rings

I think this is the perfect little accent ring to give you sparkle on your finger.

This flower here is made of six diamonds and set on a smoothly polished 14k white gold ring band. I love the way it looks like the diamond flower is just floating there. (Diamond weight is 0.3 CT.)

Find this online at the Jewelry Adviser: Here

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