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Jewelry Blog – Katerina Maxine Jewelry

katerina maxine

Katerina Maxine Jewelry can be found adorning some of the hottest celebs in Hollywood. Women like Kristen Bell, Christina Hendricks, Minnie Driver, Jenna Fisher and Jennifer Lopez have all worn it on the red carpet. The jewelry is all luxurious and has lots of ornate detail.

Katerina Maxine Ring Victorian Scroll in 18 K White Gold With a Center Ruby Stone

Katerina Maxine Earrings Scalloped diamond earrings


18k white fold Sapphire and diamond ring and earring set

Katerina Maxine Necklace Emerald and Diamond Tassel

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Mengagement Rings – We Even Like Some! (Mangagement Rings)

mengagement rings

Mengagement or mangagement, whatever you call it: engagement rings for men are happening. Whether or not the woman proposed, sometimes a man wants his own fancy engagement ring to flaunt. Here at this ring blog, we don’t discriminate.

Check out these men’s engagement rings and see what you think.

    Platinum Designer Bar Set Solitaire Engagement Ring from James Allen, CLICK

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5 Gorgeous, Large Cocktail Rings made with Sterling Silver

large cocktail rings silver

When you want to make a statement, go for a large cocktail ring. They can be casual or glamorous, it’s all up to what you like. Below we have five large cocktail rings from various sources, a few are even handmade. Their size isn’t the only thing they have in common, though. They’ve also all been hand-selected by our jewelry blog as five of our favorites for this category of sterling silver cocktail rings. Whether you want something incredibly unique, or incredibly chic – we’ve got it covered!

Sterling Silver Large striped Cocktail Ring w

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Big, Lightweight Earrings We Love – Jewelry Reviews Blog Post

lightweight big earrings

I’ve managed to find a brand that makes big earrings that are light weight and easy on your ears. The brand is Guy and Eva, and let me tell you a little bit about my latest, most favorite pair of big earrings!

They’re called “Viviene” and they’re large, silver toned beauties with a few clear crystals. I love that they’re big enough that they drop down and show up whether my dark hair is down or pulled back. At two inches long they’re the perfect dangle length. The crystals give just that hint of light and sparkle to them without being overwhe

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CLASSIC Engagement Ring Settings Styles – complete guide

engagement ring settings

Let’s explore some (engagement) ring settings styles – but not just the common ones.

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A four or six prong ring setting is popular and classic. The more prongs you have, the safer your gemstone is set. You don’t want too many prongs (the tips hold the stone in place) so that it hides the stone. You also don’t want any prongs to come loose. If one ever does, you must get it fixed or you could lose your diamond/ge

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UNIQUE Engagement Ring Settings Styles – guide

Nouveau Solitaire

Let’s look at some unique engagement ring settings and styles. These are all simple, (some are modern) and streamlined.

(There are also engagement ring settings types with three stones or side stones.)


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Knife Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring,

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Love It: 7 Deadly Sins As Told By Jewelry Rings!

7 deadly sins rings

Stephen Webster has designed 7 rings that represent the 7 deadly sins. Included in those are: pride, envy, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath and lust.

How did he come up with this idea as inspiration? The designs actually have to do with the consequences of committing these sins. He said:

“In the context of the 21th century, the idea of the seven deadly sins can not be delightful while no longer punishable by death. And everyone knows that each of the sins it represents, but not everyone knows about each of the penalties in hell from the old devil, and that every sin

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Advice: What’s the Best Type of Wedding Band?

burnished diamond

When you are getting married, you want the best of everything. After all, you waited a long time to find the best groom or bride! When it comes to the wedding ring (or wedding band) it makes complete sense that you’d want to be particular. You will be wearing this ring an awful lot!

The Basics on What You Need in a Wedding Band

Obviously you want a wedding band that you aesthetically like, that is gold or platinum so it’ll be tough, and that is comfortable and fitted to your finger. Those are three “duh” things about the ring. But when it comes

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Best Rings for ‘Fat Fingers’ – Adjustable, Large Bands, Marquise Stones

best rings for fat fingers

I don’t think we need to call them “fat fingers” but I was surprised to see how many people are searching for the best rings for fat ringers – typed just like that. Well, okay. Maybe your fingers aren’t super skinny. But there is help!

Proportion. This is a simple idea, really. You don’t want a tiny, delicate ring on a finger you feel looks large. It’s a nice excuse to tell your significant other not to skimp on the diamond size! But it’s not just about the diamond, actually. There are so many styles of rings, so consider someth

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Top 5 Black Hills Gold Wedding Rings and Their History

black hills gold wedding rings

Whether you’re searching for a wedding ring set or women’s engagement ring, this is a great place to check out the top 5 pieces of bridal jewelry by Black Hills Gold.

I kept seeing “black hills gold” come back as a searched term on our Ring Finder, here. And I was kind of stumped, because I didn’t know what that meant. Was it a type of gold? Black gold? No, that’s oil! And I have watched way too many episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies… aye. Anyway, it didn’t take much digging to discover that Black Hills Gold Jewelry has a bit

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