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Lia Sophia Rings 2012 – Our Favorites from the collection!

Inspired by seeing a couple Lia Sophia rings showcased on Pretty Little Liars, we decided to showcase our favorite 2012 rings from the line. These are all cool rings for women, so splurge on one or two… or three…

Love the colors of bright, tropical parrots? Then take a look at this colorful Parrot Ring, CLICK

If love is on your mind, then you’ll adore this Amour Ring (Love Ring) available in

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Unique Rings for Women (Designs by Concrete Polish)

With a distinctive look, these unique rings for women won us over right away.

We’ve been psyched to do a designer spotlight on the Etsy shop Concrete Polish, which is run by Angela Monaco of Philadelphia, PA. The jewelry in the shop is all tough, with a hard edge (sometimes literally.)

Black Gold Double Finger Ring with 2mm Sapphire – Unique Rings for Women Designs – Wear a couple at a time for a stand-out look!


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The Best Anna Hu Jewelry (Rings, Earrings, Necklaces)

anna hu rings

Anna Hu is an amazing jewelry designer whose pieces have graced celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore, Madonna and Scarlett Johansson.

Medusa Ring

Turando Ring

Leaping Koi

Spanish Sun Ring

Seahorse Ring

Anna Hu Oriental Rose Ring

Earrings by Anna Hu

Knot Ring

Anna Hu Knot Ring

Cocktail Ring

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5 Beautifully Unique Aquamarine Rings for Sale

This post was started because of a unique aquamarine ring that had tiny pink sapphires embedded in the ring band. From there, we found four other rings made with aquamarine that we really liked and weren’t standard. There’s unusual shapes, a two finger ring, and more for you to take a look at. Hopefully you enjoy this ring blog and tell your friends to visit this jewelry blog site when they want ideas on what jewelry is new and fun.

Unique Aquamarine Rings “Aquamarine and Pink Sapphire Ring” Gold & Stone Ring Created by Adel Chefridi from Artful Home

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5 Fun Rings – From Scrabble Tiles to Bauble Bling!

I’ve received a necklace from Manic Trout once, and that name really stays with you since it’s so unique. So when I saw a link to the shop today, a gong of recognition hit me. When I went to check out their jewelry and ring collections, one word surface: fun. Everything is so fun, whether you’ve got a big bauble that’s wire wrapped, or you’ve got a big yellow dice that’s been set to wear. Here are my favorite picks for fun rings from the shop.

Fun Rings from Manic Trout Ivana Zsa Zsa Bling Ring Silver,

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5 Incredibly Fun Rings for Women

If you’re search for fun rings for women, pause yourself and take a gander at this ring collection by Arosha as sold on the handmade wares site Etsy. We’re not sure how Arosha Luigi Taglia comes up with these genius, unique jewelry concepts. But of one thing we are sure: they’re unique! This Italian jewelry designer is sure to capture your attention once you start looking at the variety of designs. From seaweed to bubbles – there’s a lot going on.

Because of the price and the aesthetic, these are fun rings for grown up women (at least 16, but more like 2

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