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Wendy Brandes Rings – Designer Spotlight on this Creative Guru

wendy brandes

Here at Ring O Blog we’ve been a fan of Wendy Brandes jewelry for a long time! And it’s time to do another designer spotlight piece on her work.  It’s all very high-quality, creative, and unique. We love when there are stories behind the design, or when Brandes has upcycled other jewelry into a new ring.

Cool Rings for Women

An image of the beautiful Wendy Brandes wearing her own rings.

Blue Topaz Ring – Fulvia Ring – Silver

Queen Min Amethyst Ring – Koi Fish Engraving

Vampire Di

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Unique Rings for Women (Designs by Concrete Polish)

unique rings

With a distinctive look, these unique rings for women won us over right away.

We’ve been psyched to do a designer spotlight on the Etsy shop Concrete Polish, which is run by Angela Monaco of Philadelphia, PA. The jewelry in the shop is all tough, with a hard edge (sometimes literally.)

Black Gold Double Finger Ring with 2mm Sapphire – Unique Rings for Women Designs – Wear a couple at a time for a stand-out look!


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Designer Spotlight: 5 Best Anna Sheffield Rings

anna sheffield rings

Anna Sheffield is a New York-based jewelry designer. Sheffield was born in New Mexico and has traveled extensively, including to Saudi Arabia and California. Her jewelry displays a lot of fine heirloom quality. She is a CFDA nominee, and considered a trendsetter. Because of this she has gained notice and worked with other designers like Philip Lim and Marc Jacobs.

Right now, she is very popular for her rings, especially her two finger rings.

Anna Sheffield Rings Eleonore Cocktail Ring made with 14k rose gold, clear quartz and diamond. The diamonds are on the ring band an

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5 Interesting Rings – What We Love Now

interesting rings

Sometimes you want to stand out as the star, and have all eyes on you. We don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, we want to help you get there. Try having one truly “wow” ring and everyone will turn their head to see you and your great style. Below are five really interesting rings for sale that we love.

Interesting Rings

Roberta Chiarella Gold Plated Crystal Druzy Ring Always interesting and unusual are rings by Roberta Chiarella! Related: Rings under 100 dollars, Druzy Rings From Max and Chloe,

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5 Stylish Hallowen Rings of Silver

This creepy jewelry is all by Charlotte Burkhart on Etsy.

Forget the plastic spider rings, and opt for something as stylish as you are for the upcoming Halloween season! We’re far beyond wanting something tacky. Let’s find you something you might wear more than once, depending on how daring you are…

Stylish Halloween Rings

Clockwise from top right Tooth Decay Knuckle Ring by Charloette Burkhart on Etsy Details: “We all need a wee reminder to brush our teeth, so why not wear A tooth on your hand to remind you?!” This knuckle ring is made with oxidized sterling silver and an actual human tooth. Similar: H

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Courtney Kaye Jewelry Top 5 Bold Rings

courtney kaye jewelry

If you want black and gold, intriciate filigree jewelry with a bold presence, you need to check out Courtney Kaye Jewelry. Looking like exactly what Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian would love to add to their jewelry wardrobes, the rings by Courtney Kaye have the perfect mix of hard/soft and tough/feminine for us to salivate over. I mean, check out that bow ring! (It has a matching necklace!)

Courtney Kaye Jewelry

Clockwise from top right

Courtney Kaye Arabella Filigree Ring – It’s shimmering all over the place! Like a disco ball! Only no where near as ta

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5 Ring Pieces that are on Trend from Beyond Rings Jewelry

beyond rings jewelry

The first time you see a ring by Beyond Rings, you’ll fall in heavy, heavy love. Why? Because they make fashion and style fun, not serious or boring. If I want boring, I’ll wear no jewelry at all! But when it’s time to accessorize, it’s nice to have something special. Ergo, Beyond Rings. This designer label makes rings, if you hadn’t guessed that by now. They specialize in two finger rings, rocker cocktail rings, and large bejeweled statement rings.

I start you off with a two finger ring made with gunmetal. That might sound harsh, but it’s got pink

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5 Beautiful Pink Opal Rings made with Gold

pink opal rings

Opal doesn’t come in just one color! You can get very lovely pink opal rings, and they pair lovely with gold. Natural pink opal comes from just one place in the world – Peru! Sometimes it is referred to as angelskin opal, Pink Andes Opal or Andean opal.

Top jewelry designers like Judith Ripka and Irene Neuwirth have embraced the pairing of pink opal and gold for some of their creations. Even in the most modern design, the fair pink opal reads as romantic to me. It’s a little soft and milky in how it looks, like your favorite strawberry icecream.

Pink Opa

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5 Anchor Rings for Women

anchor rings for women

Ahoy, maties! Summer demands we get a little nautical, don’t you think? Adding an anchor ring to an ensemble can look funky or elegant, it just depends on the type of ring you pick. Below I’ve collected 5 different anchor rings for you to peruse. Betsey Johnson was clearly inspired by them this summer.

You can often find these paired with themes like ropes or stripes. In these rings you’ll also find roses and birds.

I also want to note that two of these examples are two finger rings, which is not something I would have anticipated finding but have included af

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5 Rings with Names Personalized on Them

rings with names

There are plenty of ugly personalized name rings to sift through before you can find ones that are worth your time. So, I’ve done it for you!. By the time I finished this post, I think I saw about five ugly rings with names for every one potential ring. There’s sweet….and then there’s tacky. Hopefully I’ve found five rings with names that you can personalize that you’ll find acceptable.

The range of these rings is wide. You can buy a ring specifically because you’re a mother or in a relationship, or you can be just about your own name! You ca

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