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The 8 Charlene K rings you must see!


If I had to describe these Charlene K rings in a summed up way….I’d probably fail because there’s too much to say, and there’s A LOT of variety in these designs. You’ve got a lot of sparkle from the druzy rings. And druzy? So very popular right now. But you’ve also got some really jagged shapes of gemstones (like a tropical blue turquoise or emerald green jasper) that are a major pop of high-intensity color. Yet there’s also drama with a gold nugget of a ring that’s looks spackled by textures, or a large slab of black onyx.

I love the c

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Elyssa Bass Rings – Her BEST jewelry pieces

butterfly rings

Modern with a fantasy edge, Elyssa Bass Rings are everything you want in a statement ring. We especially love her butterfly ring and her dragonfly ring.

Elyssa Bass Designs Dragonfly ring (Related: Dragonfly rings)

Butterfly ring in 18-karat gold with chocolate diamonds by Elyssa Bass Jewelry Designs (Related: Butterfly Rings)

Elyssa Bass Jewelry Goldtone Domed Ring available for sale from Max and Chloe,

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Kathleen Dughi Jewelry – Amazing Rings

kathleen dughi

Designer Kathleen Dughi knows what she’s doing when it comes to creating amazing rings. We’re also featuring a few amazing earrings, down below, because we can!

The variety of gemstones include pistachio pearls, blue sapphires, yellow sapphires, peridot, aquamarine, emeralds, turquoise and the ever enchanting moonstone.

12.66ct unheated blue sapphire, diamonds and blue enamel ring in 18kt white gold

peridot and tanzanite ring with diamonds in 22kt and 18kt yellow gold

52.15ct aquamarine and diamond ring in platinum, 18kt rose g

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Wendy Brandes Rings – Designer Spotlight on this Creative Guru

wendy brandes

Here at Ring O Blog we’ve been a fan of Wendy Brandes jewelry for a long time! And it’s time to do another designer spotlight piece on her work.  It’s all very high-quality, creative, and unique. We love when there are stories behind the design, or when Brandes has upcycled other jewelry into a new ring.

Cool Rings for Women

An image of the beautiful Wendy Brandes wearing her own rings.

Blue Topaz Ring – Fulvia Ring – Silver

Queen Min Amethyst Ring – Koi Fish Engraving

Vampire Di

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Ring Blog – Top Ring Picks from Katie Diamond Jewelry

flower rings

I was so happy when I saw the website for Katie Diamond Jewelry, because the collection there is astoundingly chic and exotic. She’s definitely got an eye for art and the ability to merge bohemian and luxury. I’ve hand-picked my favorite five rings, but I encourage you to check out her website to see all the great earrings, necklaces and more.

livi moonstone ring, CLICK

buttercup cluster ring,

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Victorian Estate Rings We Love (For Sale)

victorian mourning rings

Feel like getting a little lost in a more romantic, old-fashioned time? If you’re looking for great estate jewelry that’s for sale, take a gander at We noticed they had a nice selection of antique Victorian rings. We picked five of them to share with you guys. (And they’re all for sale right now, yes.)

Clockwise from top left.

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5 Interesting Rings – What We Love Now

interesting rings

Sometimes you want to stand out as the star, and have all eyes on you. We don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, we want to help you get there. Try having one truly “wow” ring and everyone will turn their head to see you and your great style. Below are five really interesting rings for sale that we love.

Interesting Rings

Roberta Chiarella Gold Plated Crystal Druzy Ring Always interesting and unusual are rings by Roberta Chiarella! Related: Rings under 100 dollars, Druzy Rings From Max and Chloe,

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Kanupriya Jewelry: Their 5 Best Rings

kanupriya jewelry

These five Kanupriya rings are all excelling in being statement rings perfect for a night out on the town. So indulge in the exotic landscape that Kanupriya designer jewelry offers. These five rings are our favorites. They each display a sense of overwhelming beauty and power. And that’s not a bad thing to convey. Check them out and let us know which is your favorite one!

Kanupriya “Heritage Collection” 22k Gold-Plated Pave Ring List Price: $165.00 Price: $99.00 You Save: $66.00 (40%) Amazon,

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5 Turquoise and Pearl Rings with Antique Appeal

turquoise and pearl rings

Turquoise with pearl is an interesting combination of vibrancy and a softer sort of vibe. But it seems to be a callback to older times, as many people are searching for antique turquoise and pearl rings. While our first ring (clockwise from left) isn’t antique, it certainly looks aged and as though you could find it in the back of your Grandmother’s jewelry box. (If you’re lucky enough to gain access!)

If Art Deco rings are more your style, check out the Elizabeth Showers stacking rings we’ve got for you. But if tiny stacking rings are not up your alley, what

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Cocktail Rings 2011: Five for Bold Women

cocktail rings 2011

When it comes down to cocktail rings for 2011, you can spend as much or as little as you’d like. I have selected five bold rings that range from approx. $5.00 – $200.00. Each one is bling-ier than the next, I think. From traditional shapes to the more obscure, and from fine metals to affordable imitations, you’re sure to find something you like.

These cocktail rings are all bold for their size, some for their color, and others for their dazzling display of sparkle and ornamentation. I am very taken with the first ring I’m sharing you with, which is a turquoise

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