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Valentine’s Day rings for her – Show your love with hearts and knots, even…an egg?

valentine's day rings, heart rings, enamel rings, valentine's day rings for her, heart ring

Listen, I’ve just decided that I am all for people buying themselves jewelry on Valentine’s Day if they want to. I loved shopping on Max and Chloe for these looks… but I also have a target audience here. It’s for anyone trying to buy a significant other a Valentine’s Day ring that’s not for an engagement, but should still be nice. That’s why I went with Max and Chloe. Everything and anything you get from there will arrive nicely, and it’s a good store where you can’t go wrong because their buyers are just so damn smart about what they ch

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Ostro Topaz | Let’s talk about these Blue Topaz rings on QVC…

ostro blue rings, royal blue, ostrorings, ostro rings

QVC is talking about Ostro Blue Topaz rings today. So, so are we.

Ostro Royal Blue Topaz Ring

Ostro Blue Topaz Colors (Also available in any Blue Topaz, fyi)
    Ostro London Blue Topaz (This kind of blue topaz is always a deeper…murky) Ostro Royal Blue Topaz (This kind of blue topaz is always vibrant, and my favorite) Ostro Swiss Blue Topaz (This is always an alpine color for topaz) Ostro Sky Blue Topaz ( This kind of topaz is always light, and it’s my second favorite color for topaz)

Note: Why do I like the Royal Blue Topaz most?

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Becky Kelso Rings – The Top 6 Worth Seeing!

Practically perfect as a pink beauty!

Both graceful and artistic, Becky Kelso rings are laden with beauty.

But it’s not just a traditional appreciation for antique ring designs that Becky brings to her designs. She’s also well-traveled to exotic locations, and very savvy about pop culture. Her website says:

Kelso’s various collections showcase artful and timeless pieces that reveal influences gathered from her travels to Morocco, Asia, and Turkey. Each intricate design retains a classic antique aesthetic, but is overall organic, imaginative, and modern.

Perhaps that’s why these rings

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The 7 Sarah Blaine rings rings you must see!


Want to be a modern day Disney princess who’s as much a heroine as she is beautiful in a twirly ballgown? Well, that’s how I feel about these Sara Blaine rings. They’re not TOO dainty or precious, but they’re still so worthy of your personal fairytale. I love the details (the metal work on the ring bands and shoulders look like vines, and swirls, and it’s just generally gorgeous) and the choice of gemstones like pretty peridot and powerful black onyx.

Sarah Blaine Rings

To see any specific ring and purchase it, click the link that says “CLICK.” Enjo

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Jewelry Blog Designer Spotlight: Shamila Fine Jewelry boasts BOLD cocktail rings

blue topaz cocktail rings

Grab everyone’s attention with a signature chunky cocktail ring on your finger. And a great place to get one? Why, why not Shamila Jewelry? The pieces are playful in color but elegant in design.

Designer Shamila Jiwa says her jewelry line is “a whimsical yet elegant melange of fine worldly components.” We have to agree!

Here are a few of our favorite Shamila jewelry pieces:

We’ll begin with some pieces from the “Lokum Lale Luxe” collection, which pays tribute to Istanbul. Lokum means “Turkish Delight” and a lale i

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Armenta Rings (Emily Armenta Rings) – The BEST Pieces!

arementa rings

Ready for something opulent? Emily Armenta is a jewelery designer from Texas. Her jewelry has a Spanish influence that also incorporates a balance of romance and edge.

Armenta Rings – Blue Labradorite & Pave Diamond Ring from Neiman Marcus, CLICK (Labradorite Rings)


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Metalsmiths Sterling Rings – Our 5 Favorite

metalsmiths sterling rings

Sophistication and refined taste are what you’ll find in Metalsmiths Sterling Rings. These jewelry pieces are created with a sense of whimsy that’s apparent by their dramatic, oversized nature and bold gemstone colors.

Wearing large statement rings on the red carpet is always a smart move, so you can bet some celebrities will be spotted wearing these creations. These are such classic shapes, taken to a modern place… so I can picture just about anyone (of any age) thinking one of these would be a great addition to their outfit. It’ll POP without stealing too mu

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Unique Fairy Tale Engagement Rings with Leaf Designs

leaf engagement ring

If your engagement feels like a fairy tale, why not have a ring that matches? These engagement rings have a dash of nature with their leaf designs. Take a look at these fairy tale engagement rings and see which one seems like your fairy godmother would pick for you.

ON SALE 10k Two-tone Round Cut CZ Engagement Ring with Unique Leaf Design Band from Amazon,

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5 Blue Topaz Rings for Under $200

blue topaz rings for under 200

Fashionista’s take heed – you can get a blue topaz ring for under $200. What we have to offer up are some bling-tastic sparkling rings with diamonds, two types of topaz, cubic zirconia, sterling silver and more. You’re sure to find one you love here,and a few are even in the rings under $100 category!

Blue Topaz Rings for Under 100

3 7/8 Carat London and Sky Blue Topaz & Diamond Sterling Silver Ring – For the elegant woman. $75.00 from, Link Related: Topaz Ring

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5 Best Snowflake Rings in White Gold

snowflake rings white gold

Now that the first dusting of snow has fallen, it make me start to think bout the intricacies of individual snowflakes.

Naturally, white gold is the obvious metal choice to pair with a snowflake themed ring. That or platinum or silver. But here I’m focusing on snowflake rings with white gold. There is a wide variety here in prices, shapes and designers.

Snowflake Rings White Gold

Snowflake Ring Round Blue Topaz 14K White Gold Ring with Diamond Related: Topaz Rings, Snowflake Rings From Gemvara,

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