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November Birthstone Rings in Sterling Silver (Citrine)

november birthstone rings sterling silver

November is a warm, comforting month where you see the rich hues of autumn (unless you live on the West coast, I guess.) Even then, you still have Thanksgiving, which is all about being cozy with family and having comfort foods like pumpkin pie. With all of these images, it’s no surprise to me that citrine is the birthstone for November.

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to buy a citrine ring that’s paired with sterling silver. Maybe it’s a gift and you can’t quite afford white gold (there is no shame in that), or maybe it’s for someone very

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5 Hammered Silver Rings for Women by Ravish Jewels

hammered silver rings for women

When I took a visit to the Ravish Designs jewelry site, I noticed they make great hammered silver rings for women. It’s hard to pick just five favorites, but I did it! My favorite piece is probably the sterling silver heart ring, because the heart is set on its side so it’s kind of contemporary and not cutesy.

Hammered silver works well to accent gemstones or glass elements, but it also works well on its own. You can’t lose!

Hammered Silver Rings for Women – 5 Jewelry Picks from Ravish Jewels

Pictured clockwise from top left

Peridot Jewel

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Diamond Chip Rings Give you the Right Amount of Dazzle

diamond chip rings

You know how they say you can’t stop at just one chip? It’s true. Especially when it comes to diamond chips. Once you see the power (and low price) that a sparkling diamond chip gives to a ring, you’ll want to buy them all.

The rings below have 2 for females, 1 for men, and one that seems fairly unisex (the cross.) They’re all pretty chunky, large rings. If I had to pick a favorite I’d probably settle on the star ring. What about you?

Diamond Chip Rings

Sterling Silver Diamond Chip-accented Star Ring from Amazon,

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5 of the Best Origami Finger Rings Available for Sale Online

origami finger rings

Remember origami? In school, I was mesmerized by those who had the talent to take squares of neon yellow paper and transform them into frogs that could hop with a single flick of a finger. I haven’t worked on cultivating any impressive origami skills, so I probably wouldn’t try to DIY with an origami ring. But there are plenty of handmade versions out there just ready for you to customize. I think these would be particularly great for birthday parties, bachelor parties, and as shower or wedding favors. There’s five origami rings below, let us know which is your favorite!

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5 November Birthstone Rings for Cheap, And That’s Okay!

november birthstone rings for cheap

Need to find citrine rings –  cheap? There’s no shame in that. Citrine is the golden yellow color of November birthstone rings. Whether you can’t commit to a certain kind, don’t have the money for a more expensive one, or the gift is for a younger girl who often loses things – you might have any reason for wanting or needing a citrine ring cheap. And the way you do that is by shopping around, gong for sterling silver, and using good judgement. A ring can look more expensive than it actually is. My favorite two rings below are the last two listed – make s

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5 Best Rose de France Rings

rose de france rings

What is Rose de France? It’s a type of amethyst, with a very light purple shade. And it’s a great type of ring to have in your jewelry wardrobe.

Rose de France Rings

Rosede France Ring – 18K ROSE GOLD LEAF RING, ROSE DE FRANCE (16mm X 8mm) AND PAVE DIAMOND TRIM. For more rings like this look for rose de france ring diamond. Find this rose de france ring from Carelle, here.

Sterling Silver Rose de France Amethyst Ring – A natural rose de france amet

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5 Cool Long Rings for Women

long rings for women

Long rings can accentuate your fingers and make them look longer and skinnier. Look for vertical, marquise cut gemstones or rings labeled as “north south” rings. Here are five that we love:

Long Rings for Women

North South Ring with Amethyst – An amethyst with diamond pave trim is set in 18K yellow gold. For similar rings look for: Amethyst Rings, Exotic Rings. Find this unique amethyst ring at Carelle, here.

Olivine Pave Marquise Ring – Made with

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5 Stylish Hallowen Rings of Silver

This creepy jewelry is all by Charlotte Burkhart on Etsy.

Forget the plastic spider rings, and opt for something as stylish as you are for the upcoming Halloween season! We’re far beyond wanting something tacky. Let’s find you something you might wear more than once, depending on how daring you are…

Stylish Halloween Rings

Clockwise from top right Tooth Decay Knuckle Ring by Charloette Burkhart on Etsy Details: “We all need a wee reminder to brush our teeth, so why not wear A tooth on your hand to remind you?!” This knuckle ring is made with oxidized sterling silver and an actual human tooth. Similar: H

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5 Heavenly Celestial Rings with Stars and Moons

star rings

The word “celestial” refers to things that are of the sky, or heaven. Often it means something sacred and divine. Stars, moons, and planets are all celestial. So it’s time to look at some star rings, moon rings, and all that kind of stuff!

Our first ring is called “Artemis” and it is made from 14k yellow gold, diamonds and garnet. Artemis is also Diana and she was the goddess of many things, including of the hunt. She is often pictured with a bow and arrow.

Following this are several star rings. But no two are the same. We’ve got an adjustab

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Plain Silver Rings for Women: Five with Style

plain silver rings for women

There’s nothing wrong with a plain silver ring, but these days it’s hard to find an unadorned ring without all sorts of embellishments. I went to work and found five that are simple and unfussy. When I was sixteen I had the best simple silver ring – it was a little large so I could wear it on my thumb or any finger, really. It had three silver loops that intertwined and I could twist them. (And boy did I twist them, all the time.) It was a great ring for me since I get nervous all the time and want something to do with my hands. Plus, it matched everything so I could put t

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