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Morganite Jewelry: About This Gemstone and its Properties

morganite jewelry

Get to know one of the overlooked gemstones – pale pink morganite!

About Morganite

This is a softly colored pink gemstone.

Morganite Properties

Like all pink gemstones, this is a stone about love. It deals with your heart chakra. This gemstone of divine love opens up your heart. It promotes love in your life while helping you trust others, and have them trust you in return. It’s all about abundant love and trust.

Morganite Healing Properties

It is said to help relieve stress, and reduce problems with asthma and the lungs and heart.

Morganite Hard

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5 Gorgeous Garnet Rings on Sale

garnet rings on sale

January’s birthstone is Garnet. And it’s always nice when you can find rings on sale. So today we’re looking for garnet rings on sale. It’s always buys to stay on top of things. So if you want to buy someone a garnet ring for their birthday, start looking now! All of these garnet rings are currently on sale, so check them out.

It might be because we’re obsessed with bow rings, but the garnet ring #3 is our favorite.

Garnet Rings on Sale

3.55 cttw Genuine Garnet Ring by Effy Collection® in 14k White Gold List Price: $699.00 Price: $539.99 Sale: $3

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5 Blue Topaz Rings for Under $200

blue topaz rings for under 200

Fashionista’s take heed – you can get a blue topaz ring for under $200. What we have to offer up are some bling-tastic sparkling rings with diamonds, two types of topaz, cubic zirconia, sterling silver and more. You’re sure to find one you love here,and a few are even in the rings under $100 category!

Blue Topaz Rings for Under 100

3 7/8 Carat London and Sky Blue Topaz & Diamond Sterling Silver Ring – For the elegant woman. $75.00 from, Link Related: Topaz Ring

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Best Rings for ‘Fat Fingers’ – Adjustable, Large Bands, Marquise Stones

best rings for fat fingers

I don’t think we need to call them “fat fingers” but I was surprised to see how many people are searching for the best rings for fat ringers – typed just like that. Well, okay. Maybe your fingers aren’t super skinny. But there is help!

Proportion. This is a simple idea, really. You don’t want a tiny, delicate ring on a finger you feel looks large. It’s a nice excuse to tell your significant other not to skimp on the diamond size! But it’s not just about the diamond, actually. There are so many styles of rings, so consider someth

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Gorgeous Diamond Rings for Women Under $200

rings for women under 200

The sparkle of a genuine diamond cannot be denied. These are all diamond rings under $200, and all are meant for lovely ladies.

If you’re hesitant to purchase a diamond ring because you aren’t sure of what might look nice, I have a few suggestions of looks I think are all quite stylish. Of course, some might pop out at you more than others – trust your gut!

These all work great as promise rings. These don’t have diamonds as center stones so it’s not an engagement ring. But these could be promise rings or pre-engagement rings. The diamond let’

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Black Friday Jewelry Sales 2011: Our Compiled List!

black friday jewelry sales 2011

Check out our list of Black Friday Jewelry Sales for 2011. We know that you love discounted jewelry, and the day after Thanksgiving is a great day to shop – even online! Hell, let’s be honest. It’s so much easier to do your shopping online, especially on the one day of the year that everyone in America is legit ready to punch you over the last $99 Wii at WalMart! I don’t want to see that ugly side of people. I’d rather be online, in pajamas, sipping hot chocolate and watching Charlie Brown specials. It’s much more calmer. More zen. More my style. Of cours

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18K Yellow Gold Citrine Sunburst Ring

citrine ring sale

Dazzle yourself with this citrine ring that’s currently on sale. It is stunning and reminds me, instantly, of the star in its’ full flame of brightness on a summer day. It features pave diamonds that halo the yellow stone – which is a 1.85 carat citrine stone. The ring is made with 18k yellow gold. How much more could a woman want?

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5 Stylish Hallowen Rings of Silver

This creepy jewelry is all by Charlotte Burkhart on Etsy.

Forget the plastic spider rings, and opt for something as stylish as you are for the upcoming Halloween season! We’re far beyond wanting something tacky. Let’s find you something you might wear more than once, depending on how daring you are…

Stylish Halloween Rings

Clockwise from top right Tooth Decay Knuckle Ring by Charloette Burkhart on Etsy Details: “We all need a wee reminder to brush our teeth, so why not wear A tooth on your hand to remind you?!” This knuckle ring is made with oxidized sterling silver and an actual human tooth. Similar: H

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5 Carnelian Rings for Women – Vintage Inspired Rings

carnelian rings for women

We have a whole crop of vintage inspired rings made with Carnelian stones!

Carnelian Rings for Women

Clockwise from top right


Sku Carnelian Ring – This carnelian ring for women is a find in the section of rings under 100 dollars! I think it’s breathtaking, it’s very special. The red stone is set with four silver prongs set to look like leaves. The ring band has a beaded and braided embellishment. This reminds me of the show The Tudors. It might not be the style of jewelry that people worn back then, but it gives me that same feeling. (Ma

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5 Awesome Diamond Slice Rings from Different Designers

diamond slice ring

Who wouldn’t flail happily at the thought of wearing an entire slice of a diamond?! Come on now. These are awesome.Diamond slice rings work great as cocktail rings, engagement rings, or eternity rings.

The Ashley Morgan ring has a diamond slice surrounded by pave diamonds and set in 18k white gold. It’s a show stopper, for sure.

Next is a handmade ring from Samantha McIntosh on Etsy. The diamond slice is rose cut and it has “shades of silver, a touch of onyx and blue/green pearl iridescence with a super high polish micro facet checkerboard surface for an extr

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