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Big Sparkly Rings – Druzy Rings, Rhinestone Rings

sparkly rings

You know what every outfit needs? More sparkle! So let’s look at these sparkly rings. They all make a big impact with their large sparkle.

    Big and Bold Antiqued Bronze Couture Rhinestone AB Statement Ring Retro Vintage from the Etsy shop Breathe Couture, CLICK


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Jewelry Blog Spotlight: Tell Style offers bright, funky items

jewelry blog

We are massive fans of the fashion site and their funky grouping of bright, stylish jewelry.

The colorful Jessi by Jessica Hicks hoops are nicely contrasted by the and Biko elegant-meets-tough earrings.

    K. Amato Deco Earring-Blue, CLICK

    Biko Leaf Drop Earring in Navy/Gold, CLICK

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Affordable Golden BGCG Zodiac Ring

zodiac rings

This designer BCBG Max Azaria ring is only $20.00. The ring is made of brass, zinc and rhinestones. It has a golden tone, though. There’s a circle face that will show your zodiac sign on one side (with the rhinestones) and the other side of the circle says the name i.e. Libra, Capricorn, Pices. And the ring band is a chain band! I can’t get over the price being so low. It’s beautiful. You can buy this zodiac ring from BCBG:

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Affordable Clover Ring

clover ring

Make a wish and feel lucky with this four leaf clover ring. It’s available in a clear/gold or clear/silver setting with rhinestones. Try it on and see if it brings you luck. This would be a great St. Patrick’s Day Ring. This clover ring is from Forever 21:

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Stone Claw Set Ring

Screen shot 2011-03-04 at 8.56.59 AM

Gorgeous in deep dark blue stone and rhinestone, I hardly noticed that the design included claws, for this piece looks like a flower. The piece is a combination of plastic and metal as well. Striking and fashionable, it’s definitely a beautiful accent piece.

You can get this from

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Fun Hooting Owl Ring

large owl ring

It’s impossible to look away from this colorful ring. But if you pay a bit of attention you’ll notice the form is of an owl! Hootie hoo! Yup. This is a very large ring made of aurore boreale rhinestones. Two especially large stones are the owl’s eyes. IT SEES YOU! This is an adjustable ring, made of gold tone metal. They call it a “fat owl” but that’s mean. You can get this owl ring by Anna-Rosie on Amazon:

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Terrina’s Fancy Green Rhinestone Frog Bracelet

Screen shot 2011-01-26 at 11.18.30 AM

So wonderful in bright green, this bracelet obviously very attractive, and the frog design lends a quirky appeal. This accessory is specked with rhinestones in green and black. It’s perfect for the budding fashionista.

Brass Based Metal Gold Tone Finish High Quality Rhinestones Green Stones, Black Stones Round Shape Brilliant Cut Pave Setting

You can get this from Fantasy Jewelry Box.

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Lumiere Stretch Ring

Screen shot 2010-11-26 at 6.46.36 AM

This is a double stranded ring made of elastic bands and featuring rhinestones and rhodium beads. It covers about 1/2″ of your fingers when you wear it. Not too much bling but not necessarily something you miss seeing on the fingers, either.

You can get this from Sho

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Snake Faceted Ring

Screen shot 2010-10-28 at 5.03.27 AM

The big black stone on this ring is adorned with faceted rhinestones and sits on a stretch metal band. It’s one ring you can opt to wear with a lovely cocktail dress or even your basic jeans and statement shirts and leather jacket.

You can get this from Wetseal.

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Vintage Huge Plastic Red Rhinestone Ring

So you want a large ring? Is this big enough for you? This red rhinestone ring looks like a ruby, and measures 1 1/4 inches. This is an adjustable ring.It has a fun bezel edge to it, and I love how long this ring is! Perfect when you feel like adding some drama to an outfit. Red is also the color of love, passion, and sometimes anger.

You can buy this red rhinestone ring at Ruby Plaz

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