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Resin Ring DIY – How to Polish your Resin Ring!

If you own resin rings, you are likely to encounter scratches and whatnot but TwoCraftyMules blog has a great tutorial on how to re-finish your resin rings so they become shiny again.

In a small container, mix up a batch of resin according to the manufacturer’s directions. With a flux brush or other disposable brush, lightly brush a coat of resin over the top and sides of the resin pieces. Use a light hand when doing this; only a light coat is needed to get the glossy shine. Any excess resin will form a pool around the completed piece

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Kiwi Ring!

Here’s a perfect Kiwi RIng to go well with any green fashion statement you want to make.

Little slices of kiwi made from polymer clay, embedded in clear resin. This is a UK size Q.

£8.00 via penny dog


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Green Resin Ring with Sparkles will make you Sparkle like a Princess!

Here;s a simple but magnificent Green Resin Ring filled with sparkles.   This ring will lighten up any dress you wear nicely.

Love it, Gotta have it! This ring is all glitter and glam with a hand poured green resin jewel with tons of glitter for ultimate sparkle. The jewel is nestled on top of a sterling silver bezel ring that adjusts from size 6 to 8.5.

$35 via strungoutandwired

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Cancun Resin Ring!

Here’s an awesome site that sells whole bunch of nifty, little resin-finished rings.  The one pictured above is called “Cancun” as sells for about $105.

Translucent blue with subtle ocean blue pearlescence shimmering throughout.

Designed with nature in mind, this ring reflects the best that an organic shape can offer. It’s beautiful lines flow and create a wonderful balanced form. This gorgeous ring exhibits grace and style.

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