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The 7 Sarah Blaine rings rings you must see!


Want to be a modern day Disney princess who’s as much a heroine as she is beautiful in a twirly ballgown? Well, that’s how I feel about these Sara Blaine rings. They’re not TOO dainty or precious, but they’re still so worthy of your personal fairytale. I love the details (the metal work on the ring bands and shoulders look like vines, and swirls, and it’s just generally gorgeous) and the choice of gemstones like pretty peridot and powerful black onyx.

Sarah Blaine Rings

To see any specific ring and purchase it, click the link that says “CLICK.” Enjo

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Thistle & Bee Rings – The 5 Best!

thistle & bee rings

These amazing rings are all by Thistle & Bee Jewelry. They are all made with sterling silver, and many have an interesting symbol or concept to them (such as a buckle, grid or the pattern of honeycomb.)

Buckle Ring – Sterling Silver Ring with signature texture. CLICK. – Who doesn’t love an extra buckle?

Trafalgar Grids Ring – Rings Under $200 –

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Once Upon a Time Jewelry

once upon a time jewelry

Want to dress like your favorite Once Upon a Time (ABC) character? Then you’ve gotta have the right accessories! And we’ve spotted a couple that are incredibly chic.

As Emma Swan, Jennifer Morrison wears a round Swan Necklace by Pyrrha. Their website writes, “This handcrafted wax seal necklace features a swan, representing grace, beauty and poetry. Each Pyrrha talisman is cast in reclaimed sterling silver or bronze from a 19th century wax seal and is handcrafted i

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Once Upon a Time – Snow White Ring Options (Affordable)

once upon a time snow white ring

Snow White’s Engagement ring is beautiful, and why shouldn’t you own a similar one? We found the perfect way to get a replica without going for the actual gemstone of peridot and white gold. Instead, try a cubic zirconia stone in the color “apple green.” It mimics the light green look of periodot, perfectly.

Of course, by going for sterling silver you can also get a genuine peridot ring at an affordable rate.

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Mary Margaret Blanchard’s Ring on Once Upon a Time

once upon a time ring

On Once Upon a Time (ABC) Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) has a striking green peridot engagement ring.

Mystical properties of Peridot include healing (more on that below), patience, the ability to rid you of jealousy, and to bring you peace and a clear heart. It’s also been said that peridot can help you understand your purpose, and help you fulfill your destiny. …Talk about the perfect stone for Snow White / Mary Margaret Blanchard!

Healing properties of Peridot include the reduction of stress, anger, fever and aggravation.

Peridot is the birthstone

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5 Hammered Silver Rings for Women by Ravish Jewels

hammered silver rings for women

When I took a visit to the Ravish Designs jewelry site, I noticed they make great hammered silver rings for women. It’s hard to pick just five favorites, but I did it! My favorite piece is probably the sterling silver heart ring, because the heart is set on its side so it’s kind of contemporary and not cutesy.

Hammered silver works well to accent gemstones or glass elements, but it also works well on its own. You can’t lose!

Hammered Silver Rings for Women – 5 Jewelry Picks from Ravish Jewels

Pictured clockwise from top left

Peridot Jewel

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5 Peridot Engagement Rings with Radiance and Charm

peridot engagement rings

For those with an August birthday, a peridot engagement ring is the perfect and prime pick. Celebrities born in August that might love a peridot engagement ring include Mila Kunis, Halle Berry, and Viola Davis. In August, green is still clinging to the world before the Autumn comes. Peridot has a lovely lightness to it that makes it truly beautiful. Pair it with some diamonds and you’ve got a great ring to propose with.

Peridot Engagement Rings

Clockwise from top right

EFFY COLLECTION 14 Kt. White Gold Peridot and Diamond Ring, 0.22 CT

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Five Fantastic Peridot and Diamond Engagement Rings in White Gold

peridot and diamond engagement rings

For people born in August, peridot is your birthstone so it makes sense you might want a peridot and diamond engagement ring. I’ve pulled together five that are made with white gold. Each of them let the green peridot take center stage, with diamond accents that surround it on the shoulders and/or band. These are all fairly classic designs. However the fourth option with the oval gemstone looks a little more glamorous than the others, while the fifth option with a cushion cut peridot reads a bit more contemporary.

Peridot is one of the only gemstones that only comes in one colo

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August Birthstone Rings: 5 Affordable Silver and Peridot Rings

august birthstone rings silver

Light green is the perfect refreshing color for the Dog Days of Summer. And Peridot, the August birthstone, just so happens to be a light, lovely shade of green. Color me green – with envy.

When you pair peridot with silver, you can find a very affordable, inexpensive peridot ring.  I’ve taken five periodot and silver rings to show you, which are all well under $100.00. Whether alone as a solitaire, or clustered in a group, the power of the peridot is hard to explain.  The stone is almost like a crystal in the way it looks, to me.  And the color can be accented nicely

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Five Fabulous and Affordable David Yurman Inspired Rings

david yurman inspired rings

The David Yurman brand began with a strong basis on the cable design for bracelets and rings. You can often find David Yurman rings on the pages of the top fashion magazines like Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. Celebrities often sport David Yurman rings.

By looking for similar elements of actual David Yurman rings you can find affordable David Yurman rings at the price right for you. To do this, we start by looking at some different David Yurman inspired rings. We’ll be looking for a strong emphasis on silver and gold, with a twisted cable design and a bright gemstone. Price wise, yo

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