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Etienne Perret Rings that Showcase Pearls

pearl ceramic group sq.JPG

Get to know some Etienne Perret Rings! They’re bold, and they showcase pearls.

These exceptional new Gem Ceramic fashion rings are one of Etienne Perret’s newest and most beautiful designs!

Made with lustrous natural color cultured pearls from the islands of the South Pacific, they are a marker of absolute good taste and aesthetic appeal. We are proud to introduce you to these one of a kind rings.

View more of Etienne’s Gem Ceramic collection, and colored diamond bridal jewelry in 18kt gold and platinum on his Facebook page!


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June Birthstone Rings: Top 5 We Love

june birthstone rings

Alexandrite, Moonstone and Pearl are the three June Birthstones. Of the three, pearls are probably the most popular. I’ve given some extensive coverage to some varieties of pearl rings in the past week, and now I’m broadening the search to the prettiest rings of all three birthstone possibilities.

When giving a birthstone ring as a gift, it has a great symbolic meaning. The gesture shows you care about the recipient of the gift quite a bit. You should find a ring that they can treasure and that this individual can wear often in their daily life. That means, buy accordingl

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5 Unique Pearl Rings

unique pearl rings

These great June birthday rings feature pearls in unique settings. Some times, pearl rings themselves aren’t enough. Some times you want something truly special and unusual.

It’s hard to explain which ring I like the most…I’d wear any of them, except for the fifth ring which is by designer Solange Azagury Partridge and that’s simply because I’m not badass to pull off her designs. (See more Solange Azagury Partridge Rin

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5 Pink Pearl Rings with Feminine Allure

pink pearl rings

These pearl rings are all June Birthstone rings. And you’ve seen plenty of pearl rings, I’m sure. Maybe you think they all look a like. Or that they’re all white. But you can certainly celebrate in pink! I’ve found five pink pearl rings that will illuminate your outfit with a beautiful, soft and feminine glow. Pink is a happy, joyous color and as this translates to your mood it can be infectious. Think of it: you’re making other people happy with a piece of jewelry!

The prices for these rings vary, but all are under $500.00.

I’m going to hav

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5 Pearl Cluster Rings Under $100

pearl cluster rings

You can add a trendy and beautiful piece of jewelry to your wardrobe with a pearl cluster ring, but it’s not as easy to find as you might think. Although these types of rings are popping up everywhere, including handmade sites like Etsy, plenty of them are not very attractive. Some look downright alien. You don’t want that. So I’ve found five different pearl cluster rings that I think would look good on anyone’s finger.

Look for different colored pearls, and accents in the metal or by the use of additional stones or crystals. The best cluster rings don’t

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5 Flower Pearl Rings that Dazzle

flower pearl rings

Pearls are the flower of the sea, so it makes perfect sense that so many floral rings use pearls as a design element. I’ve collected five flower pearl rings that I like a lot to share with you guys.

I’d have the most absolute horrible time trying to pick my favorite ring out of the five. What do you think? I love how girly and fresh the Marcasite and Pearl ring is, but the golden vermeil pearl ring looks so tropical and lush.

An even more difficult question would be “what do you think each of these ‘flowers’ would smell like?” Where

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June Birthstone Rings: 5 Pearl Rings Under $100

pearl rings under 100

From deep under the sea, pearl rings come to us as special gifts of the ocean. Pearls are perfect to give as gifts as they are the June birthstone, but also universally appreciated by most everyone (whereas not everyone might not love an aquamarine ring.) In fact, a pearl ring is something that someone will see every day as they work (typing, if you’re me!) and will flatter their hand as they move their their daily tasks. Here, I’ve collected five different unique pearl rings under $100.00, making them affordable for you to give unto yourself or another.

The searc

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5 Mother of Pearl Rings with Diamonds as a June Birthstone Rings

mother of pearl rings with diamonds

Mother of pearl is so luminous that it’s hard to not love it. Pair it with diamonds, and it’s irresistible. Since pearl is the June Birthstone, it seemed an appropriate time to look at some more pearl rings. But not every pearl looks the same, and I quite fancy the way mother of pearl looks as jewelry. It’s always adds a bright flash of brilliance to an outfit. With my dark brunette hair, my favorite mother of pearl earrings always stand out. For that reason, I think many of these rings might look great against tanned or dark skin.

These are all perfect as June Birt

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5 Elegant Black Pearl Rings with Diamonds

black pearl rings with diamonds

Here you’ll find five black pearl rings with diamonds that I approve of – they’re elegant and beautiful. Most importantly, they’re timeless. Pearls are a great jewelry investment to make, and real black pearls (Tahitian) are especially sought after because they are more expensive than other types of pearls.

I have prices her that go under $100 and past $2,000.00. It depends on the type of pearl, the metal and the amount of diamonds.

I’m enchanted with them all. The first, second and fourth rings are a bit more modern, while the third and fifth pea

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Five Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Rings with Elegance

freshwater pearl and diamond rings

From mighty mussels, freshwater pearls are from China, Japan and the United States. They are quite affordable, even when paired with diamonds. I’ve chosen five pearl and diamond rings here that are all elegant and timeless.

The first pearl ring is simple, and well-defined in its understated beauty. The second ring has a bit more bling. The third cocktail ring has a more dramatic impact due to the whiteness of the pearl and white sapphire combination. The fourth ring, made with white gold brings us back to an antique style look, while the fifth ring almost has a bit of a contemp

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