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See these amazing Honora Black Pearl Rings for sale

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C’mon ladies. Let’s talk about PEARLs. We don’t even need to clutch them, because these black pearl rings are anything but prissy.

You are reading – your ultimate source in jewelry blogs! What is an Honora pearl?

Honora is actually a BRAND name of pearls. They are well known as the experts in pearl jewelry, as a matter of fact. (That’s why “honora pearl” seems so ubiquitous with word of “pearl.” They’ve also been especially popular on QVC. Honora can boast that

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The 7 Sarah Blaine rings rings you must see!


Want to be a modern day Disney princess who’s as much a heroine as she is beautiful in a twirly ballgown? Well, that’s how I feel about these Sara Blaine rings. They’re not TOO dainty or precious, but they’re still so worthy of your personal fairytale. I love the details (the metal work on the ring bands and shoulders look like vines, and swirls, and it’s just generally gorgeous) and the choice of gemstones like pretty peridot and powerful black onyx.

Sarah Blaine Rings

To see any specific ring and purchase it, click the link that says “CLICK.” Enjo

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Bastian Inverun Jewelry – Their best rings for the modern romantic

bastian inverun jewelry

Do you have romantic and vintage sensibilities but still find a bit of allure when it comes to stronger, modern pieces of jewelry? Don’t feel confused, I feel the same way. And I found something to love with Bastian Inverun Jewelry. With a modern approach, Bastian Inverun jewelry still manages to flawlessly tackle natural design elements like flowers and water swirls. They create with silver, gold, and – of course – natural materials. I find it all a perfect blend of romantic sensibilities with a strong, modern girl look. And though they can do this present day style, they

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Jordan Alexander Jewelry worn by Michelle Obama

jordan alexander jewelry

Jordan Alexander Jewelry is created by Theresa Bruno. And as a matter of fact… First Lady Michelle Obama is a big fan of this jewelry! It mixes what is real and gritty with what is posh and traditional.

Jordan Alexander Pave Loop with Diamond Slice on Diamond Ear Wire Earrings from Endless, CLICK

Jordan Alexander Pearl Earrings

Jordan Alexander pavé diamond earrings


Jordan Alexande

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Carly Rae Jepsen Style – Jewelry Blog

carly rae jepsen style

At the 2012 Teen Choice Awards, Carly Rae Jepsen (“Call Me Maybe”) was glowing in tans and bronzes.

The singer wore inexpensive Karine Sultan’s gold square earrings ($30) and paired it with two Kabana Rings. They were the 14-karat yellow gold ring with bronze mother-of-pearl and with diamonds.

To find a similar ring, look for a mother of pearl marquis shape. While the Kabana rings are thousand of dollars, we found one that was under $30 and looks similar!

Angelina D’Andrea Goldtone Marquise-cut Tiger’s Eye Caboch

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Cuff Rings for Fingers – Dogwood Ring Shapes

cuff rings

If you like to stay up with jewelry trends, then you gotta let us introduce you to cuff rings for fingers. They work pretty simply, just like a cuff bracelet. But they’re really gaining popularity these days. Part of the reason might be that it often means they’re an adjustable ring. That’s the case with these dogwood rings, as a matter of fact! They can accommodate sizes 6-8.

Belle Et Bonne has several cuff rings in dogwood shapes. That’s a flower that’s very popular, and you often see dogwood je

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Jewelry Blog – Famous Rings Worn on the Red Carpet

leighton meester jewelry

Without close-up’s, you can sometimes miss out on seeing the fabulous (non engagement) rings that celebrities on the red carpet are wearing. Below, we explore rings worn by some of the A-list stars. Check out all these amazing rings! (Up close, you’ll be amazed by them.)

Julianne Hough was spotted at the Rock of Ages screening in NYC this June (2012) in this Le Vian ring.

Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) wore this beautiful 18-karat yellow gold Gardenia ring with pearl and diamonds by Carrera 7 Carrera. Related: Carrera y Carrera rings


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Five Stack Rings with a Gemstone Involved!

stack rings gemstone

Stackable rings are great, but a lot of them are often plain and that can get a little snooze-worthy. So why not try on some stacking rings with a bit of flair given to them by a pretty gemstone? You can even put one gemstone stacking ring in the mix with a bunch of more plain stackable ring bands. In this jewelry blog post today, we explore some that are for sale to see what we like that’s also available.

Stack Rings – Gemstone

Artisan Journey Stacking Rings This trio of three rings can be worn together or as separate pieces. The gemstones include carnelian , gre

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5 Hammered Silver Rings for Women by Ravish Jewels

hammered silver rings for women

When I took a visit to the Ravish Designs jewelry site, I noticed they make great hammered silver rings for women. It’s hard to pick just five favorites, but I did it! My favorite piece is probably the sterling silver heart ring, because the heart is set on its side so it’s kind of contemporary and not cutesy.

Hammered silver works well to accent gemstones or glass elements, but it also works well on its own. You can’t lose!

Hammered Silver Rings for Women – 5 Jewelry Picks from Ravish Jewels

Pictured clockwise from top left

Peridot Jewel

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5 Turquoise and Pearl Rings with Antique Appeal

turquoise and pearl rings

Turquoise with pearl is an interesting combination of vibrancy and a softer sort of vibe. But it seems to be a callback to older times, as many people are searching for antique turquoise and pearl rings. While our first ring (clockwise from left) isn’t antique, it certainly looks aged and as though you could find it in the back of your Grandmother’s jewelry box. (If you’re lucky enough to gain access!)

If Art Deco rings are more your style, check out the Elizabeth Showers stacking rings we’ve got for you. But if tiny stacking rings are not up your alley, what

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