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The 5 Philip Sajet Rings you must see! (Designer Spotlight)


It was surprisingly easy for me to pick which five Philip Sajet Rings I wanted to spotlight here. There are, of course, more that I like… but I knew which five helped display what he did along with being what I think are the most aesthetically striking. In fact, the most difficult thing seemed to be spelling “Philip” properly… why do I keep trying to type it “Phillip”?

About Philip Sajet

He is a jewelry designer that uses very geometric, exaggerated forms for jewels that are created from unusual materials. He doesn’t seem do anything

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Glam Bedford Russell Jewelry – Lyon Line Cocktail, Black Diamond, Equality Rings

equality rings

Lauren Bedford Russell is a cast member on The Real L Word, and she’s also a jewelry designer. She now has a company of her own called Lyon Fine Jewelry. And it’s especially known for pieces based on the themes of “Equality” and “Rock the Vote”. If you haven’t seen these pieces before, then you definitely gotta keep reading!

The style of Lauren’s edgy jewelry is based on 80’s rock and 90’s New York. The fierce materials she uses most are black diamonds, black jade, and black rhodium-plated silver and gold.

Celebrity f

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The 5 Chloe and Isabel jewelry rings you must see (Designer Spotlight)

chloe and isabel jewelry

Freshly modern, sparkly and affordable – you simply can’t miss these Chloe + Isabel rings!

We love these Chloe + Isabel cocktail rings.

We’ve featured a coral ring, a feather and pearl ring and even a heart clover ring. By being playful with glamor, festive themes, and mixing metals we were really won over by the selection.

Can you deny the appeal of the oversized smooth metal ring? That’d be a great everyday ring.

But for a pop of color, the Coral Stone Ring will do the job quite nicely.

The Two Tone Feather Wrap Ring seems

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The 5 Stefania Lucchetta rings you must see (Designer Spotlight)

stefania lucchetta

One look towards any piece of Stefania Lucchetta jewelry and you’ll see why they deserve a post of their own on

Stefania Lucchetta creates her contemporary jewelry pieces out of Italy. And these modern pieces actually take us back to the 90’s, evoking memories of the Spinograph toy that used plastic discs with holes to create elaborate geographic patterns with a pen and paper.

Most of these can be found on her website under ̶

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5 Interesting Antique Rings with Helpful Ring Trivia Included

antique ruby ring

Enjoy these 5 unique ring designs while learning some bonus ring trivia!


Even if this looks a bit masculine, it might be just the right accessory to give your look some unique edge.  The ring in question is a three stone diamond Victorian ring. The diamonds are brilliant-cut and set in 18 carat yellow gold. The makers mark is “J.J” and it is believed this is from 1880. You may be wondering from the title: what is a gypsy setting? It’s a ring setting often seen in men’s jewelry. The band is one continuous pie

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Jewelry Blog Designer Spotlight: Shamila Fine Jewelry boasts BOLD cocktail rings

blue topaz cocktail rings

Grab everyone’s attention with a signature chunky cocktail ring on your finger. And a great place to get one? Why, why not Shamila Jewelry? The pieces are playful in color but elegant in design.

Designer Shamila Jiwa says her jewelry line is “a whimsical yet elegant melange of fine worldly components.” We have to agree!

Here are a few of our favorite Shamila jewelry pieces:

We’ll begin with some pieces from the “Lokum Lale Luxe” collection, which pays tribute to Istanbul. Lokum means “Turkish Delight” and a lale i

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4 Unique Pistol and Gun Rings (Jewelry)

gun rings

I know basically nothing about guns, and personally wouldn’t even want to wear a fake one… but I still appreciate how cool some of these miniature pieces are. I found four to share with you guys.

Check out this tiny gun ring by Aaron Ruff for Digby and Iona. The oxidized sterling silver pistol has been oxidized and also has a tiny brass bullet. The trigger and chamber both move, but this is not a working firearm. The name of this creation is “The Black Spot Pistol Ring” and it retails for $580.00 on (

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The BEST Robert Lee Morris | RLM Studio Rings and Earrings – Handpicked for your shopping guides

robert lee morris rings

When looking for a birthday present for my sister, a pair of Robert Lee Morris earrings ended up being part of the perfect gift. They were artistic and interesting, but also nice enough to wear in a professional work setting. And as it turned out, the “label snob” sensibility (lots of us have it!) in my sister really responded to this name.

See, when I stumbled upon a turn-style like jewelry stand of Robert Lee Morris jewelry in a local Macy’s, I had zero idea of what the line’s reputation was. But I was immediately was responding positively to plenty of the p

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Bastian Inverun Jewelry – Their best rings for the modern romantic

bastian inverun jewelry

Do you have romantic and vintage sensibilities but still find a bit of allure when it comes to stronger, modern pieces of jewelry? Don’t feel confused, I feel the same way. And I found something to love with Bastian Inverun Jewelry. With a modern approach, Bastian Inverun jewelry still manages to flawlessly tackle natural design elements like flowers and water swirls. They create with silver, gold, and – of course – natural materials. I find it all a perfect blend of romantic sensibilities with a strong, modern girl look. And though they can do this present day style, they

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These Piaget Rose Rings are not to be missed!

piaget rose ring

A rose by any other name… well, you know the rest.  But did you know about this collection? If not, let us inform you!

The Piaget Rose collection includes fine jewelery rings inspired by the Yves Piaget rose.

“Piaget’s latest collection opens the doors to a secret garden. A fantastical, romantic rose garden to be exact, where two different flowers blossom in 18-karat pink and white gold. The Piaget jewelry house did not choose this delicate motif by chance, it has been the brand’s trademark symbol for many years and the brand was even honored in 1982 b

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