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Becky Kelso Rings – The Top 6 Worth Seeing!

Practically perfect as a pink beauty!

Both graceful and artistic, Becky Kelso rings are laden with beauty.

But it’s not just a traditional appreciation for antique ring designs that Becky brings to her designs. She’s also well-traveled to exotic locations, and very savvy about pop culture. Her website says:

Kelso’s various collections showcase artful and timeless pieces that reveal influences gathered from her travels to Morocco, Asia, and Turkey. Each intricate design retains a classic antique aesthetic, but is overall organic, imaginative, and modern.

Perhaps that’s why these rings

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Cathy Waterman Rings – See the Best Pieces!

cathy waterman rings

If you like the Disney fairytale princesses that have birds flying around their arms and silky hair strewn with flowers, you’ll love these rings. Cathy Waterman works a lot of pink tourmaline into her rings, as well as diamonds, sapphires, and amethysts.There’s also a distinct aura of nature here, with leaf and flower elements.

There are a couple unique engagement rings and unique wedding bands here. If that’s your thing, make sure to check these out!

Cathy Waterman rings are sold at Ylang 23 and Barney’s.

Cathy Waterman Rings – blu

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5 Gorgeous Opal Rings Under $100

opal ring

Opal rings don’t have to be expensive! We have picked five opal rings that are under $100.00. We’re sure you’ll find one you love out of the bunch. And we’re back to matching jewelry with our suggested celebrity soul mates – so let us know how accurate (or inaccurate) we are with our picks.

Put this up as Pinterst Rings and Pinterset Jewlery! We hope Ring o Blog is your favorite Jewelry Blogs site!

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5 Stunning Amethyst and Opal Rings

amethyst and opal rings

Opals make for a fascinating ring, and I knew that  at the early age of thirteen. Well, I can’t pinpoint my exact age, but it was around that age of hormones and naivety that my uncle gave me an opal ring. When I asked someone if it was a very expensive, very important gift, they said that it wasn’t. The opal wasn’t very large, it wasn’t set with gold, and opals themselves are not as important as a diamond or ruby. But that didn’t deter me. I saw it on my finger, and I knew it had mystical properties. How else to explain the way the milky white hue changed to

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5 Gorgeous Opal and Sapphire Rings for Women

opal and sapphire rings for women

It is the differences that will attract you first. The shimmery light tone of an opal is contrasted nicely with the clear, crisp blue brightness that a sapphire lends. Providing both sides of light and shadow, an opal and sapphire ring is a wonderful jewelry choice.

Opal and sapphire are similar in that they are beloved gemstones, and their likeness doesn’t stop there. Just as a single opal can change its colors, sapphires range in many different hues of blue. (And that’s not counting other colored sapphires such as pink.) A blue sapphire can be so boldly and deeply blue

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5 Designer Alex Sepkus Rings to Buy Online

alex sepkus rings

Once you see the fine sense of modern jewelry that Alex Sepkus rings have, you’ll understand why he’s such a sought after designer.

Alex Sepkus Rings

ALEX SEPKUS- Black Opal Ring Price: $2,772.00 This ring is made with .05 cttw diamonds, yellow gold, and a large black opal. See also: opal rings, black opal rings From The Clay Pot, buy online here

ALEX SEPKUS- Little Pool Ring Price: $1,550.00 Diamonds, yellow gold and sapphires are the benchmarks of Alex Sepkus rings. Th

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5 Cool Opal and Onyx Rings for Sale

opal and onyx rings

The ring that inspired this opal and onyx rings post is the one by Dajhan. This is when I realized that the contrast of a shimmery opal and matte black onyx is stunning.

So, that first ring is gorgeous, obviously. Let me point out the diamond frame around the prong set onyx slab. It’s edgy and cool, yea? The next ring has the same idea, but it plays as romantic. It’s actually a vintage Avon ring, if you can believe it. A Victorian antique ring of opal and onyx provides some more rich history.

There’s a handmade ring with the title of “Volcano” tha

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5 Beautiful Pink Opal Rings made with Gold

pink opal rings

Opal doesn’t come in just one color! You can get very lovely pink opal rings, and they pair lovely with gold. Natural pink opal comes from just one place in the world – Peru! Sometimes it is referred to as angelskin opal, Pink Andes Opal or Andean opal.

Top jewelry designers like Judith Ripka and Irene Neuwirth have embraced the pairing of pink opal and gold for some of their creations. Even in the most modern design, the fair pink opal reads as romantic to me. It’s a little soft and milky in how it looks, like your favorite strawberry icecream.

Pink Opa

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Fabio Cammarata Manhattan Soul Ring

Screen shot 2011-04-24 at 3.40.43 PM

A chunky piece made rom Australian opal and accented with brilliant cut diamonds, wearing this ring would be great with a chic wardrobe. The ring is designed by Fabio Cammarata and stretches to about 35mm on the fingers.

You can get this from Barneys.

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Boulder Opal Ring with Sterling Silver

boulder opal ring

This black stone is actually an opal! A boulder opal.

A boulder opal is created naturally when a thin seam of precious opal is on ironstone matrix. The latter is a dark black stone, so the opal stands out. It’s something people will ask you about if you wear it for jewelry. Be prepared and knowledgeable!

Find this boulder opal ring by RLM Studio online at QVC: H

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