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Tree Rings (Jewelry) – Tree of Life Symbolism = Major

tree ring tree rings jewelry sterling silver

We all have our favorite tree. Right? Or is that a geek thing? Well, I, have a favorite tree! Well….trees. Birch trees and magnolia trees are top contenders. Needless to say, I love nature and feeling connected to it. Hopefully, you feel the same, and now we can get to the fun part…shopping online for tree rings (jewelry – that clarification is important unless you want Google to show you pictures of actual tree rings.)

Tree Rings (Jewelry) …123, Go!

Tree branches in matte metal are woven together for a timeless, organic look.


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13 best pieces of Jamie Cassavoy Jewelry you MUST see!

Isn't this pretty flower ring just a show-stopper?

Jamie Cassavoy sells jewelry under the label “Cassavoy & Company.” The tagline is so spot-on: “By nature, handmade for you.” You can so clearly see the CRAFT work in the jewelry, jut as you can see the influence of nature. I immediately fell in love with almost every piece. But I settled on my very favorite. First I tried to contain it to ten pieces. But I expanded this to 13 because … well, look! It’s just all so beautiful and romantic and fairyland-ish. That’s totally my thing. Now the question becomes…is it also yours?

Learn more ab

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Cathy Waterman Rings – See the Best Pieces!

cathy waterman rings

If you like the Disney fairytale princesses that have birds flying around their arms and silky hair strewn with flowers, you’ll love these rings. Cathy Waterman works a lot of pink tourmaline into her rings, as well as diamonds, sapphires, and amethysts.There’s also a distinct aura of nature here, with leaf and flower elements.

There are a couple unique engagement rings and unique wedding bands here. If that’s your thing, make sure to check these out!

Cathy Waterman rings are sold at Ylang 23 and Barney’s.

Cathy Waterman Rings – blu

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5 Wrap Rings for Women (Ring Blog)

wrap rings

We’ve pulled five great wrap rings for you to take a look at. These are all ultra casual rings, mostly made of silver. Several of our choices are handmade, which is always fun.

    Garnet ring, ‘Life Force of Peace’ from Wayan Sarjana on Novica, CLICK

    Hammered Sterling Silver Ring – Modern Wave Ring – Wire Wrap Ring – Adjustable from the the Etsy shop, Liu Rok Silver,

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Jewelry Blog Designer Spotlight: Laura Elizabeth Jewelry

spiral ring

It’s time to put the spotlight on Laura Elizabeth Jewelery, and our favorite pieces by the line. Influenced by the beauty of nature, we really love some of the offerings by this line. Below, we share our five favorite jewelry pieces.

Designer Spotlight


The cool Courtenay Cuff is made from the shape of a dusty miller leaf. It reminds us of what a fairy princess (or woodland elf) would wear for a regal occasion. It’s eco-friendly because it’s made of recycled brass.


These eco-friendly earrings feature a pretty river-b

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5 Simply Beautiful Flower Engagement Rings

flower engagement ring

Flower engagement rings contain a special sort of beauty. Let’s look at five of our current favorites that are always blooming.

Lavender Diamond Engagement Ring by J.R. Jewelers from Amazon, Click

Unique Flower Engagement Ring from the Etsy shop Beautiful Petra,

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Unique Fairy Tale Engagement Rings with Leaf Designs

leaf engagement ring

If your engagement feels like a fairy tale, why not have a ring that matches? These engagement rings have a dash of nature with their leaf designs. Take a look at these fairy tale engagement rings and see which one seems like your fairy godmother would pick for you.

ON SALE 10k Two-tone Round Cut CZ Engagement Ring with Unique Leaf Design Band from Amazon,

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Top 5 Pieces of Gara Danielle Jewelry

gara danielle jewelry

Never has boho glam been such a perfect descriptor for the jewelry I’m about to share with you guys.

Designer Spotlight on Gara Danielle Jewelry

Gara Danielle does some fabulous druzy rings in crazy rainbow colors and other bold gemstones. There are also pendants in darkly structured outlines (like a peace symbol or a moon.) A great collection of three similar wooden rings boasts oneĀ  with an emerald, one with a pearl and one with a turquoise. Can you guess which one I picked to share (because I thought it was prettiest?)

Clockwise from top left

Gara Dani

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5 Best Leather Rings for Women

leather rings for women

Leather is a clunky material to make a ring out of, so it’s not usually done right. So I’ve taken myself to the task of finding the five best leather rings for women that are out there right now. I saw a leather rose ring created on Project Accessory (not worth watching, yikes-o-rama) and that’s why I was inspired to do this.

Leather Rings for Women

Clockwise from top right

GARETH PUGH Signature curved ring I did not expect to find a ring like this. I’m almost positive it’s a two finger ring. It’s either a totally innovative design o

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Top 5 Worry Rings for Women

worry rings for women

I caught myself singing the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” song earlier today – to my cat. Let’s forget about that part. Moving on…

It’s a song I remember my Dad playing (on a cassette!) during one particular drive down to summer camp. I think it’s on the Cocktail soundtrack? (I should have viewed that movie by now.) Anyway. The sentiments of the song because some weighed down in overuse that I’d forgotten that it’s a really positive mantra. I was trying to “ABHF” aka “always be having fun” and that wasnR

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