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The 8 Charlene K rings you must see!


If I had to describe these Charlene K rings in a summed up way….I’d probably fail because there’s too much to say, and there’s A LOT of variety in these designs. You’ve got a lot of sparkle from the druzy rings. And druzy? So very popular right now. But you’ve also got some really jagged shapes of gemstones (like a tropical blue turquoise or emerald green jasper) that are a major pop of high-intensity color. Yet there’s also drama with a gold nugget of a ring that’s looks spackled by textures, or a large slab of black onyx.

I love the c

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5 Truly Gorgeous Jasper Rings for Women

jasper rings

We’ve put together five different Jasper Rings for women that we are super keen on. The jasper colors vary from pink to yellow, and the tell-tale sign is the artistic marbling in the stone. They remind us of quail eggs, which are also very pretty.

We dare you not to fall in love with the jasper ring by Carolyn Pollack, which plays the soft, creamy yellow jasper against pure blue iolite stones.

And of course there’s the handmade ring with ocean jasper that has a mix of beautiful yellows, greens and pinks set in fine silver.

Jasper Rings for Women Caroly

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