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5 Flower Engagement Rings with Super Sparkle

flower engagement rings

When you were little, you probably wrapped dandelions around your fingers and pretended they were rings. Now that you’re older, you may find you have the same urge to bring nature into your fine jewelry selections. There are some nice flower engagement rings for sale online, and I’ll walk you through my current five favorites. They’re from a variety of shops, and a couple are even handmade. Let’s take a look.

Flower Engagement Rings – 5 Jewelry Suggestions

Clockwise from top left.

Bouquet Ring The “Bouquet Ring” in recycled eig

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5 of the Best Origami Finger Rings Available for Sale Online

origami finger rings

Remember origami? In school, I was mesmerized by those who had the talent to take squares of neon yellow paper and transform them into frogs that could hop with a single flick of a finger. I haven’t worked on cultivating any impressive origami skills, so I probably wouldn’t try to DIY with an origami ring. But there are plenty of handmade versions out there just ready for you to customize. I think these would be particularly great for birthday parties, bachelor parties, and as shower or wedding favors. There’s five origami rings below, let us know which is your favorite!

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5 Best Robindira Unsworth Rings

robindira unsworth rings

Robindira Unsworth Rings are famous for their stacking appeal, mixed metals, vibrant gemstones and hammered details. This is all handmade jewelry.

The tagline for Robindira Unsowrth¬† jewelry is: “Inspire a Rich Life” so let these pieces inspire you!

Robindira Unsworth Rings

Darjeeling stacking rings with london blue topaz Price: $180 Materials: 22k gold vermeil over sterling silver, round and pear shaped london blue topaz gemstones Buy online: Shop Twigs, h

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5 Rough Uncut Diamond Engagement Ring Examples – Trend Alert!

rough uncut diamond engagement ring

Whether you know it or not, you probably would really like handmade rings. Especially if you’re lookng for a rough uncut diamond engagement ring. Half of my finds were from Etsy stores that specialize in handmade rings and jewelry!

This seems to be a jewelry trend, having these rough diamonds used as an engagement ring. It’s an alternative choice, for sure. But there are pro’s and con’s. It looks (and is) unique, but the rough nature of the uncut diamond might snag on things or even hurt your face if you sleep with the ring on. These are all things to consider

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5 Awesome Diamond Slice Rings from Different Designers

diamond slice ring

Who wouldn’t flail happily at the thought of wearing an entire slice of a diamond?! Come on now. These are awesome.Diamond slice rings work great as cocktail rings, engagement rings, or eternity rings.

The Ashley Morgan ring has a diamond slice surrounded by pave diamonds and set in 18k white gold. It’s a show stopper, for sure.

Next is a handmade ring from Samantha McIntosh on Etsy. The diamond slice is rose cut and it has “shades of silver, a touch of onyx and blue/green pearl iridescence with a super high polish micro facet checkerboard surface for an extr

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5 Unique Amethyst Rings – Handmade Rings for Women

unique amethyst rings

Unique Amethyst Rings are just what the mystical jewelry doctor has ordered for today, don’t you think? It’s always nice to try something a little outside of your comfort zone. That’s how I discovered that I love creme brule!

Our first amethyst ring has a Victorian style and looks like a blooming rose. This is a handmade ring, and the rose was indeed hand carved. Can you imagine all the time that took? (Natural amethyst.)

Taking a note from the royals, this amethyst ring has a regal look to it. (Lab-grown amethyst.)

Smell the flowers? Sure, why

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5 Pink Amethyst Engagement Rings: From Fancy to Casual

pink amethyst engagement rings

Did you know there’s such a thing as pink amethyst? Well, there is. And it’s fashionable to use for engagement rings. Let’s go over five great pink amethyst engagement rings that you might like.

Our first pink amethyst engagement ring option is paired with 14k rose gold and sparkling diamonds on the ring band. It will make you question why you ever thought you had to have a diamond as the center stone for your engagement ring. Look – it’s that pretty!

Substituting pink amethyst and purple rhodolite for diamonds, this first ring example has

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5 Green Tourmaline Rings for Women with Style

green tourmaline rings for women

While it looks a bit similar to peridot, green tourmaline has a bit more of a blue tint to it. It reminds me of crystal clear waters in exotic places because the light bounces off of it in such dynamic ways. I’ve pulled together a collection of 5 great tourmaline rings for women. A couple are even handmade, how about that?

We start off with a standard oval shape, move on to a leaf inspired nature ring, go back to classic and finish off with those handmade rings I mentioned.

Green Tourmaline Rings

Clockwise from top right

Marea o

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July Birthstone Rings: 5 Handmade Ruby Rings

handmade ruby rings

I love to support handmade works of art (and jewelry is art!) Whether you know it or not, there is a vibrant and busy community online (and off – in the actual world!) of people who make jewelry pieces. For this post, I used the resources of and which both let handmade artisans upload their wares to sell them online. One of the designers was on both sites, and I didn’t realize I’d picked two of their rings until I was putting the post together with the finishing touches. (The rope detail should have been a clue!) With that said, I find easier

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Gala Curios Concertina Ring Gold

Screen shot 2011-04-13 at 7.50.40 AM

This classy piece is made from folded recycled paper and was then encased with 24k gold, which is a technique used by GALA. The piece is handmade and each ring, though it comes with the same the same, looks different.

Width 4cm, Height 2.5cm, Ring Size M.

You can get this from The Grand Social.

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